Harborfest Midway Stirs Debate In June

OSWEGO, NY – In June, the common council, Harborfest and several members of the public debated where the festival’s midway should be located.

Historically, the midway, with its rides and carnival attractions, was a mainstay at the Port of Oswego Authority. However, this year an expansion project at the port uprooted the midway.

After much debate, the midway wound up in the First Ward in the Wright’s Landing Marina parking lot.

There were no major incidents during the festival in July.

(Former) North Country Congressman John McHugh, whose district includes Oswego County, was named Secretary of the Army by President Obama. The New York Times reported McHugh was offered the job on June 1 and accepted.

McHugh, a Republican, lead his party’s minority on the House Armed Services Committee. The district he represented, one of the largest Congressional districts in the country, includes Oswego.

U. S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democrat, threw his backing behind McHugh.

“Two words that characterize John McHugh are class and service, and in this new job he will once again be able to use both. I will work to ensure a swift and smooth confirmation for my good friend,” Schumer said.

They lost their lives Dec. 21, 1988, as the result of a terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Their spirits, however, live on forever at SUNY Oswego, an inspiration to all that have come after them.

In December 2008, SUNY Oswego faculty, staff and students mourned the loss of two of its students who lost their lives when Pan Am flight 103 went down over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Nearly 100 family and friends joined with college officials on June 7, 2009, to pay special tribute to the pair during Alumni Weekend festivities.

“The ceremony was absolutely fantastic,” said Patti Brunner Collins, Colleen’s sister. “They did a wonderful job, they always do. It was very emotional.”

Oswego High School administrators handed out several suspensions following a food fight prank in the OHS cafeteria.

It is estimated that more than 300 students were involved in the prank, according to (then) principal Pete Myles.

No one had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, he said, adding it lasted perhaps two minutes.

One teacher went to their own physician after being “elbowed” by a student during the fracas, Myles said.

“We’re handling it mainly in-house,” Myles explained. “It was an ‘event’ in school involving students.”

There were few, if any at all, graduating seniors taking part in the event, Myles said.

Oswego City Police announced June 17 that another of its Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals has been captured. Steven D. Brown had been taken into custody by Oswego Police in Oneida County.

Brown was wanted by Oswego Police for allegedly causing hundreds of dollars in damage to the property of a victim in October of 2008.

On June 15, Oswego Police were notified by Oneida County Jail personnel that Brown was being released from their custody where he was being held on an unrelated matter.

Oswego Police subsequently transported Brown from Oneida County to the city of Oswego.

On June 14, nearly 60 people attended the unveiling of artist Dennis Pullen’s automated easel at the Oswego Tea Company in Oswego.

Paralyzed from the shoulders down since he was 7, Pullen has had to rely on friends to mix his paints and adjust the easel for him.

The automated easel provides the artist with more freedom now.

The canvas is clipped to the easel Pullen can control its position with his head movements. Brush holders are located at mouth level on the new easel.

The Port City made a good first impression on Bishop Robert J. Cunningham in late June.

And, the 10th bishop of the seven-county Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse returned the favor Tuesday evening at St. Joseph’s Church in Oswego.

More than 500 people packed into the church for an Evening Prayer of Welcome with the new bishop who was installed May 26.

Many of them stood in line to greet the bishop at the reception following the vesper services.

“I am very impressed with the large turnout here tonight. The young were here in remarkable numbers,” Bishop Cunningham told Oswego County Today at the reception. “The people here are just so warm and welcoming. It’s great to see them all.”