Heavy Equipment Students Practice Precision

Oswego County BOCES students enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Operation (HEMO) program are required to make precise movements with their large machines.

Heavy Equipment Students Practice Precision
Careful not to spill a drop, Bradley Fox maneuvers the bucket while Joseph Scrimale looks on.

Pictured attempting to move a five-gallon bucket of water without spilling any is Bradley Fox, while Joseph Scrimale, right, checks to make sure that no water is lost during the test.

This degree of precision is necessary said HEMO instructor Kenneth Koegel.

“It is important to be this precise,” he said, “especially when working in sensitive areas like underground power, and phone and water lines.”

For information about the HEMO or other Adult Education programs, contact Paul Gugel, Director of Adult and Migrant Education at OCB at (315) 963-4256.