Hoffman Campaign Wins Club For Growth Backing

The Club For Growth Political Action Committee, the powerful taxpayers’ defense group, today endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman for Congress in the New York 23rd Congressional District.

Widely regarded as one of the most principled conservative organizations in the country, CFG PAC works to elect candidates committed to creating jobs and prosperity through lowering taxes, cutting wasteful spending and defending free enterprise.

Hoffman reacted to the endorsement: “There is something happening in this country the professional politicians don’t understand. A new energy is growing as hard-working taxpayers fight back against an out-of-control government. Voters do have a conservative choice in this election. Clearly, we’re gaining ground every day.”

The text of the CFG PAC endorsement follows:

Club for Growth PAC Endorses Hoffman in New York Special

Washington – Club for Growth PAC today endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the special election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Hoffman, a Republican, decided to run after local GOP leaders hand-picked liberal Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava as their nominee.

“After months of runaway spending, bailouts, and record deficits, the last thing we need in Congress is another rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrats,” said Club President Chris Chocola. “Doug Hoffman is the only candidate in this race who will stand up for taxpayers and fight to protect our freedoms in Washington.”

Hoffman, a certified public accountant and managing partner at a Lake Placid accounting firm, has sworn-off Congressional earmarks and pledged to oppose all tax increases if elected – a clear distinction among the candidates in this three-way contest. In fact, Scozzafava and Democrat Bill Owens both favor higher taxes, bigger government, and more spending, including President Obama’s failed “stimulus” package and big labor’s odious “Card Check” bill.

A recent poll released by Club for Growth shows a statistical three-way tie between Hoffman, Scozzafava, and Owens. When asked, “Would you prefer your next member of Congress be a liberal Democrat, a liberal Republican, or a Conservative party candidate who would align himself with Republicans in Congress,” respondents selected the Conservative by 36%, compared to 31% for the Democrat and 18% for the Republican.

“Doug Hoffman has an excellent chance of winning this race,” concluded Chocola. “He offers New Yorkers a clear choice between electing a typical Albany politician, another liberal Democrat, or a principled leader who will fight for policies that help to grow our economy and put our nation back on the right track.”

For more information on the Club For Growth, please log on to www.clubforgrowth.org.

For more information on the Doug Hoffman Congressional campaign, please log on to www.doughoffmanforcongress.com.