Independent Movie To Be Filmed In Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – Lights, camera, action – in Oswego.

At its meeting Monday night, the Physical Services Committee paved the way for scenes from an independent movie to be filmed in the Port City.

Mayor Randy Bateman requested discussion regarding a request from T.O.M. Entertainment to use the Harbor Rail Trail and Tunnel on East First Street for making a full-length independent film.

Jason Radmoski of T.O. M. Entertainment, of Syracuse, wants to use the city locations for filming next month, he told the committee.

He said most of the filming could be done in the evening hours, with some daylight time as well.

Radmoski said he is directing an Indie film entitled “Fallen Angels,” a post-apocalypse / fantasy type movie.

“A native of Oswego gave us a tour of the Harbor Rail Trail and Tunnel on East First Street,” he said. “We found these to be exceptional and feel that these structures would bring much detail to the film.”

The mayor asked what the movie would be rated.

“It’s nothing you wouldn’t see on HBO before 10 p.m.,” Radmoski told him.

Based on their current timeline, they are looking to utilize the facilities some time during August.

Exact dates have yet to be finalized. Radmoski said he is flexible and could be able to do the filming in early to mid August, before college is back in session and traffic picks up in the city.

“What we’re looking for is approximately four hours during the daytime, and four hours during the dark hours,” he said. “You tell me what is best for you and I can work with that.”

“As soon as people find out there is filming going on there, you’re going to have all sorts of spectators,” said committee chair Connie Cosemento.

He said he wouldn’t mind spectators, but added, “The last thing I want is for someone to put their hand in front of the camera.”

Mike Dehm, police chief, said the area could be blocked off to give the film crews and actors room to work.

“I don’t want to block off access where it creates a problem for the city,” Radmoski said.

He suggested one end of the tunnel could be closed and the city could tape off a section of the other end where filming is taking place.

The committee voted unanimously to send his request to the full council for consideration.


  1. Do they need a ordinary middle-aged woman to walk in the tunnel? LOL!

    Let me know. I’d love a ‘film credit!!!’

    Debbie Engelke

  2. Hey Debbie,

    I will be sure to save you a spot in the movie version of “Sons of Avalon.”

    Dee Marie
    Author of the “Sons of Avalon” saga

  3. if you guys ever film in oswego please let me know i am from oswego,ny i am intresaded in acting please

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