Interim Principal Approved at Fulton Junior High School

FULTON, NY – An interim principal has been approved at the Fulton Junior High School following the resignation of current principal, Ryan Lanigan.

Lanigan’s resignation was approved earlier this month at a regular meeting of the Fulton City School District Board of Education.

The decision to address an interim to replace Lanigan as his resignation takes effect beginning October 7 was discussed among the board at the meeting.

At the regular board of education meeting held Tuesday (Sept 27), the board unanimously passed the resolution to appoint Olivia Cambs to the interim principal position at the FJHS.

Cambs, now retired, has prior experience throughout her educational career as principal in the elementary, middle school, and high school setting in both Baldwinsville and Auburn school districts, according to Superintendent of Schools Brian Pulvino.

Pulvino said Cambs’ interim position will be held until an official appointment is made.

“There is a sense of urgency. But, at the same time we want to make sure we find the best candidate. The posting ends October 3, at which time we will review all the applicants and move from there,” Pulvino said.

For now, with approval from the board of education, Cambs will begin working with Lanigan at the Fulton Junior High School to get acquainted with the building as well as its students and staff.

A meet and greet will be scheduled in the near future to allow families of students at the FJHS the opportunity to meet and interact with Cambs as she begins her temporary position, Pulvino said.

Pulvino ensured that it is of top priority to make the transition “as seamless as possible” for students, staff and families of the Fulton City School District.

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