It’s A Matter Of Remediation

To The Editor:

Remediation – the Act of correcting an error, fault or evil!

An error is missing a grounder in baseball, or dropping a fly ball. If done in the championship game, you won’t be around next year.

That is the act of correcting an error and those at fault are dealt with.

An error in construction is placing a door in the wrong location and the builder is held at fault and absorbs the costs of the error and releases the person responsible for the error.

In government (at least at the county level) it is dealt with differently.

An error is made and is covered up and the taxpayer pays the price to remedy the error.

On November 15th a resolution will be presented with the subject being:
To provide remediation services in IT.

This remediation is going to cost the taxpayers (that is you) 1 million dollars over the next three years ($72,000 -2018, $537,000 – 2019, $391,000 – 2020).

So, the taxpayers are being held accountable for an error they didn’t know about.

This is where evil comes into the picture.

The corrective action is necessary! I agree maybe but the action to correct it should go through the proper procedures, set up by the Legislature.

The costs should have gone out for bid, RFP.

Then the lowest bidder would have been chosen.

Might have saved the taxpayers some real money.

No that’s OK, let the taxpayer pick up the bill, they won’t know.

Department heads need to be held accountable, not taxpayers.

Will it happen, not unless you speak up.

This resolution will pass because the Majority will be voting in favor of it.

The count is 20 – Majority members to 5 -Minority members.

I will not be voting in favor of this resolution as it stands now.

I will be asking my Minority members to vote no along with me.

It must be tabled and wait for a RFP.

Frank Castiglia Jr. Oswego County Legislator 25th District