Jim and Suzanne Stout Named Artists of the Month for October

OSWEGO – Jim and Suzanne Stout are being featured as Artists of the Month for October at the Riverside Artisans Cooperative.

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Jim and Suzanne Stout

Jim’s elegant woodwork, featuring driftwood designs and live-edge mirrors and furniture, delight our patrons.

Suzanne’s indoor container mini-gardens are customer favorites at the co-op.

The uniquely shaped glass containers, filled with plants and fanciful figures are great ornamental pieces that gracefully combine art and nature.

One of three husband and wife teams at the co-operative shop, Jim and Suzanne each have their own have their own unique styles and media.

They also combine their talents to create distinctive works using his wooden bases and hangers with her mini-gardens.

The blending of these two natural media make a striking combination that goes with any décor.

To honor Jim and Suzanne as October’s Artists of the Month, Riverside Artisans is holding a free drawing for one of Suzanne’s decorative mini-gardens with one of Jim’s redwood bases or driftwood hangers.

Just stop by the shop at 191 W. First St. to fill out a raffle ticket to register for the drawing at the end of the month.

No purchase is necessary.

The winner will be notified at the end of October.