Kelly Moxley In Oswego Teacher Spotlight

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OSWEGO, NY – Kelly Moxley has been selected to be in focus as  she  is in September’s Oswego Teacher Spotlight.

Moxley has been a teacher for five and a half years with the majority of that time she has served the students of the Kingsford Park Elementary School.

Kelly Moxley
Kelly Moxley

She is currently a fourth grade teacher who teaches all core area subjects to her homeroom students.

In addition to teaching at KPS, Moxley has also served as an instructor for other teachers on Staff Development days and is the ‘SMART Board Point Person’ at Kingsford Park.

Moxley grew up in Oswego, and earned her Bachelors Degree in Public Relations, Marketing and Sales with distinction from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.

She earned her Masters Degree in Elementary Education from SUNY Oswego and was honored to have worked with the Dean of Education during their NCATE accreditation.

She enjoys teaching at KPS and said, “The favorite part of my job is watching students become confident learners, where students feel safe enough to ask and answer questions; and comfortable enough to read in front of the class even though they may be a struggling reader . . . I enjoy observing students’ facial expressions when the ‘I got it’ bug bites!  Watching my students grow from the beginning of the year to the end always astonished me.”

Technology Integration Specialist Mary Beth Fierro said, “A visit to her classroom finds actively engaged fourth graders who are truly enjoying their Math lesson for the day.  All students have an active role in the day’s lesson on Parallel and Non-Parallel Lines and Quadrilaterals.

She has prepared a SMART Notebook presentation for the day’s lesson and the students take turns coming to the SMART Board; they are literally clamoring to have their turn.

The students are excited about using the many types of technology that are available in her classroom and show a level of comfort when using it.

Moxley is encouraging and supportive of her students’ efforts.

The SMART Board is a new initiative in the Oswego City School District.

Moxley expresses her excitement about the addition of the device.

She noted, “The SMART Board redefines teaching and learning, it has impacted many aspects of my teaching. First, it has helped with the organization of administrative duties such as lunch count and attendance.  Next, before the SMART Board, I found myself teaching and re-teaching skills according to the understanding of each student. The ease in reaching all learners with the SMART Board has simplified my role as an educator. I find more students understand the skills being taught the first time around.  If students are having difficulties, the SMART Board allows for greater flexibility with each lesson. Further, the attention of the majority of my students has greatly increased with the use of the SMART Board.  Students want to interact with the SMART Board, so they pay more attention to each lesson with the hope of being called to the board. Students are genuinely excited to use the SMART Board . . .  Students’ hands are always in the air to be chosen to interact with the SMART Board.”

She is excited about the opportunity to integrate all types of technology in her classroom.

Moxley said, “Students are submersed into a world of technology. The use of technology in the classroom not only prepares students for life skills, but gives them a feeling of connection between school and their personal life. The integration of technology has allowed me to reach more students and maintain their motivation to learn throughout the year. The use of technology assists in meeting the needs of the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learner all at the same time. Students are motivated when instruction is interesting and the manner in which it is presented corresponds with their own learning style.”

During her free time, She enjoys spending time with her family doing outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, swimming or working on their 22-acre fruit orchard.

She said “I especially enjoy living life through the eyes of my eight-year-old daughter – everything is exciting and new!”

Moxley and her husband, TJ, have one daughter, Tianna.

TJ is a contractor who is also very talented in the area of building heirloom furniture, a lost skill.

He is her partner in everything, including her teaching.

He plays an active role throughout the year within her classroom and has always helped her set-up her classroom in the fall.

Moxley’s eyes light up when she talks about her daughter.

“Tianna keeps us young with all her inquisitive questions about life. She enjoys dancing and has wanted to be an Egyptologist since she has been two years old. She has taught my husband and me a lot about Egyptian artifacts and history,” she said,

To Moxley, teaching is not only about teaching academic skills, but about teaching students the skill to actively and responsibly contribute to society.

It’s about teaching one to respect themselves and others.

It’s about teaching all the “adults in training” to be good citizens, and all the skills to be successful in all aspects of their lives.

“The atmosphere of my classroom is one of comfort and innovative progression. We are a community and act accordingly throughout the year. Students are confident learners who think critically about the world around them. They have a positive outlook on learning, and use the skills of problem solving to accomplish an array of problems. All my students are self-aware of their abilities and limitations, and use this awareness in a positive manner. The only written rule you will see in my classroom is ‘Respect – yourself and those around you.’ Students are cognizant of behavioral expectations because they have participated in the development of these expectations. Ownership is given to the students where everyone has a role and responsibility. The students govern themselves by deciding rewards and consequences. They are responsible for their classroom and their own academic success. Students actively respond when they are given ownership,” she said.

For all that she has done to integrate technology into her classroom and to educate, engage and excite the fourth grade students at Kingsford Park Elementary, she is being recognized as our 2008 September Teacher Spotlight.