Lakeside Artisans put all their eggs in one basket for Easter

OSWEGO, NY – The Lakeside Artisans put all their eggs in one basket for Easter.

Sharing the theme of Easter eggs and baskets, the artists at Lakeside Artisans, 191 W. First St., have created many variations on that theme.

Easter eggs and baskets
Easter eggs and baskets

Each artist interprets the theme in an individual, unique way depending upon the style of the artist and the materials the artist uses.

Diane Chepko-Sade creates glass egg ornaments by glueing small pieces of glass onto an oval glass shape and fusing them together in a kiln.

Wooden eggs are created by John Ruttan by turning small pieces of wood on a lathe, then painting on the colors.

Michele Southgate creates brightly colored designs by painting them on to papier mache boxes.

All these are spilling out of the fabric Easter basket designed and sewn by fabric artist Kathy Fenlon.

From the Ukrainian designs of the glass ornaments and the repetitive motifs of the papier mache boxes to the simple stripes of the wooden eggs and bright fabrics of the baskets, each piece is a work of original art inspired by the Easter season.