Legislators Write To Gearsbeck: Get Your Facts Straight

For over a year now, Oswego County Legislator Mr. Gearsbeck, has written letters to the editor announcing his opinions about how the county is so badly run. The majority of his facts are false or totally incorrect. To begin with Mr. Gearsbeck is not a Republican. He continues to run on this line but he refuses to sit in the Republican caucus, he sits in the Democratic caucus. He has a right to say what he is but he is misleading his constituents. He told a local reporter that he is above the law when it comes to entering the DSS building because “He is a legislator”. Excuse me Mr. Gearsbeck, you are NOT given that right to be above the law when you are elected. If anything, you are or should be held to a higher standard. There are very private personal matters at DSS that he has no right to thumb through. Medical records and social security numbers to name a few are at DSS. Would any of you want a stranger looking though your personal information? I think not. He can go out there just by making a phone call. I guess he thinks he is going to catch someone having a cup of coffee. The DSS books are looked at all the time by competent people. When grants are received from the state or federal governments, that money must be used for the purpose of the grant and those agencies track that use of the money granted. He makes it all sound like people are putting this money in their pockets. Give us a break…That does not happen and it would be impossible to happen. He has a personal vendetta with this department

He recently stated that all 25 legislators receive $11.000 in pay and additional $11,000 in benefits. He must take the insurance. Many do not get this benefit. So this figure is false.

He stated that we can save the county lots of money by having a county executive. Look at Onondaga County, 50 million in the hole. They are cutting positions and services to close this huge hole. Every county in this state with a county executive is in the red. The cost of a county exec is over one million dollars. The county legislature has planned well and has been diligent about how we use your tax dollars. We do not have a deficit during this recession as so many counties and cities do. At this time I do not believe the county residents want to add more cost to the county government. It must be noted that Mr. Gearsbeck voted against so many resolutions to accept money from the state and federal government to help offset programs needed in several departments. He would rather raise your taxes than accept money you already sent to the state and federal government.

Mr. Gearsbeck, first get your facts correct and stop making false or misleading statements about us. You are not doing your constituents any favors by telling misleading information about what is going on in county government., they deserve the truth. You don’t know us anymore than your constituents know you.

Legislator Linda Lockwood

Legislator Louella LeClair