Legislature Chairman Presents State Of The County Address

OSWEGO – Oswego County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner, District 13, presented his state of the county address to the full Legislature during the March 9 meeting.

He thanked all of the legislators for coming together to address a variety of issues and projects to improve county government and enhance the way of life for the county’s residents.

He discussed the importance of recent studies to identify the county’s various strengths and challenges in areas such as economic development, public safety and health.

He also commended the success of recent initiatives including the county land bank, application for a National Marine Sanctuary, bicentennial celebration and the Super Dirt Week event.

Legislature Chairman Gardner concluded by expressing gratitude for support from state and federal representatives, local news media and the hard work of employees throughout the county, while urging legislators to continue to work together and debate respectfully to fulfill the promise of a new year.

To read the full address, go to www.oswegocounty.com/legislature/2017stateofcounty.pdf