Letter: Candidate Audrey Avery Says Thanks

To my constituents, family, and friends,

I would like to thank all of you who gave your support during my campaign. I would especially like to thank my husband Charles who gave a lot of moral support , my Democratic committee, Donna Levea and family, David Diak, and Lorraine Woodridge for your help going door to door I could not have done this without all of your help and for that I thank you. This was my first try in politics and I believe I will try again in the future.

Since the election I have offered my services to Jay Foster 5th Ward city council member re- elect, I feel that I can still offer my assistance in our ward so that we can get back to where we should be. I know that it takes all of us to make a community, and we know that not one person alone can handle all tasks at hand. I do ask that all residents of our ward try harder to keep things on track, with all of our members of the 5th ward we need to pull together.

I do encourage more of our residents to attend our City council meetings and voice your opinions on matters of most importance, remember we as tax payers do have a voice. Also there are a lot of renters who are not being heard and I also encourage them to attend meetings and speak up for their rights, you do matter to us. All of our residents are very important and we all need to show kindness and caring to each other and lend a hand to those who need us most. I would also like to see more 5th ward residents involved in our Neighborhood Watch to help curtail crime and keep our homes and residents safe. If we all do our part we will have a safer place, we as Fulton residents call our home.

In closing I would like to thank everyone who helped me and for all the support that I received.

Thank You

Mrs. Audrey L. Avery