Letter to the Editor: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

One heard this phrase many times in the early 1930’s. With inflation the question today is, “Brother, Can you spare Ten Dollars?” Every piece of news this morning (8/08/2011) is about America’s Debt. It’s awful, how did we get here, what do we do now? Well, we ought to be doing what every family does when they realize their income is suddenly not buying what it once did. We sit down a re-figure the income with the outgo! Oops, our government is out on another vacation. We have heard nothing from any members of Congress, nothing from anyone at the White House especially the President, nor the Vice President for that matter. Both of them should not be out of the Country at the same time!

With the condition so grave that America lost its triple ‘A’ rating, members of Congress and the President with his Vice President, had one “Hell of a nerve” walking out of Washington until they solved this problem. Their careless spending caused this problem, they should be brave enough to stay and fix it, rather than run out on a vacation they didn’t earn! With the only solution being reduce spending (not just the debt limit), speaking for “The People”, we will gladly take a refund, for the vacation time you took against your big salaries, especially shameful when the country needs your leadership. Or, are you admitting none of you is up to the challenge? So, you just walked out on it? We will gladly accept your resignations as well. And, you can forget those big retirements you voted for yourselves!

However, the American People haven’t walked out. We are here to fix it. So, Brother can you spare $10? The President is concerned about the Social Security Fund, (If he is not, he should be) so, let’s start there. Years ago, the government began tipping into that fund so that what is now in the fund are dollars being paid back. If you didn’t know that, you weren’t paying attention. Those of us now on Social Security knew about the transfer of money from this fund, we let it happen. The fund has been paid back (that is IF it has been returned) with dollars that should have been accumulating for our Children’s benefit. So, what do we do now? Many who are now receiving checks, really do not need those dollars, why not send them back? Many of us could spare $10 out of each check, to those of us that can spare a $10 bill, let’s send it back. This is the United States of America. Our form of government rests on The Will of “The People” of the United States. Read our Constitution, primarily, the Preamble. It begins with, “WE, the People” of the United States, going on from there, – in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. “We, the People”, not just the Congress, not just the President, all of US, in the United States. We have the power to take back the honor given to members of Congress and the President as well as the Vice President. We have a right to expect leadership from each of those who bear the title and get paid quite well to do so. The rules are ours! And, as for Standard and Poor who lowered the AAA to AA status, they have forgotten how dependant on our form of government their business is. Give it another shot S&P!

We have all forgotten! NOW is a good time to get back in step. So, those whose incomes are over $100,000, return your Social Security Checks, while those who can afford to, send back $10 (or write and tell the administration to make the check for $10 less. While as a Democrat I am a strong supporter of help for those in need, lets not reduce allocations, but do give a second look at the cost of the administration of those funds.

Earlier in March both the GAO (Government Accountability Office) and the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reported large amounts of duplication in various committees. We have not heard what the Congress has done to correct this problem. It is not the responsibility of the committees that identified the problem to correct the issue, it is the direct responsibility of the President as well as members of Congress, both the House and Senate.

So, in conclusion, I ask, “Brothers and Sisters, Can you spare a $10 bill? If so, mail it to the Federal Treasury Department, Washington, DC 20220. I’m sure the Post Office can figure out where that is in the Capital.

“We, the People” are sick and tired of excuses and run-away elected officials.

-D.M. Reed


  1. Do you know anything at all about this situation other than seeing it as an opportunity to espouse your personal views?

    This country had a surplus when George Bush took office. When he left office we had 2 wars, massive tax cuts for corporations and millionaires and a huge deficit.

    So who caused this problem?

    President Obama and the White House negotiated the deficit reduction and debt ceiling legislation for weeks with the Republican led house. The inability to reach a meaningful compromise is the direct result of the Tea Party and the pledges Republican congresspeople made to ultra conservative christian based activists to “never raise taxes”.

    So who caused the inability to pass meaningful debt reduction legislation on a timely enough basis that the bond companies wouldn’t lower the US bond rating?

    Check your facts. It’s your kind of ignorant rhetoric that causes people to make bad decisions at the polls.

    So who caused this problem?

  2. Since Obama took office, Federal spending up 86%.
    Unemployment since Obama took office has risen by nearly 4 %.
    Since Obama took office, he has increased the national debt by several trillion dollars for which all our children and grandchildren are on the hook for.
    Yes, it’s obviously Bush’s fault.
    Welcome to Jimmy Carter’s second term America.

  3. Tip O Neil said all polotics are local. Starting a the local level we should start voting out all incumbents, put new faces in office and limit their terms to two. Work up the ladder to county, state, and national, keep voting out the incumbents, that is the only power we have left, and maybe we will give them a message.

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