Letter to the Editor: Memorial Day Salute

Fulton Memorial Day Salute

We want to share our feelings of gratitude and appreciation in the 30th Annual Memorial Day Salute, which is organized by the Veterans Council and the Fulton Lions, Kiwanis, Sunshine Rotary and Rotary clubs. It is a special time when our community joins to recognize the commitment that our service people gave to our country.

We want to thank all the members of the committee that spent countless hours in organizing and providing Oswego County’s biggest parade as well as great food, entertainment, children’s games and rides and a Memorial Day Salute special addition paper. The parade provides the opportunity for the various community groups and organizations to highlight them. We also want to thank the advertisers and sponsors for their support.

A most satisfying moment of the parade came when we observed a mother with five young children around her. The children were walking to various members in the parade when it stopped, handing them a piece of paper. Our curiosity aroused, we approached them and found that they were handing out thank you notes to show their appreciation. We felt it was such a nice gesture on their part. We asked what their names were and the mother said that they were the Stacey family…Charles, Salina and children Marcus, Morgan, Emily, Trevor and Adam.

All in all the weather was fantastic, the parade was great, the food was delicious and the entertainment outstanding. Again, we salute our veterans and everyone in the community who turned out to make this a wonderful weekend.

Bob & Sandy Weston
819 W. Third Street, S.
Fulton, NY 13069