Lifelong Educator And Social Security Advocate Announces Congressional Campaign

SYRACUSE, NY – Eric Kingson, one of the country’s foremost authorities on strengthening Social Security, announced he is running for Congress in New York’s 24th Congressional District today (Sept. 16).

Kingson is a professor at Syracuse University and the co-founder of Social Security Works, an advocacy organization credited with stopping recent efforts to cut Social Security. He pointed to the difficulties faced by Upstate and Central New York families and his common sense solutions as chief among his reasons to run in his announcement held this afternoon in Syracuse’s Thornden Park rose garden.

“I have decided to run for Congress. Actually, I HAVE to run because I share the anger and disappointment many Central New Yorkers feel about how our economy and politics in Washington work for the rich and powerful, but no longer for everyday Americans like us. I believe our political and economic institutions operate in ways that work against people who play by the rules, against seniors who are trying to make ends meet, and against working- and middle-class families that are struggling to get good-paying jobs and put food on the table. I know we can change that together. We can get money out of politics and we can ensure every working American has the means necessary to sustain a family,” said Kingson.

Kingson, a longtime resident of central Upstate New York, is tired of good paying jobs leaving our community, making it harder for families to get by and get ahead.

In Congress, he will work for an economy that works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Kingson believes we need to expand Social Security benefits for today’s seniors, as well as for middle-aged workers who face a looming retirement crisis and younger workers who are caring for their families. Kingson will work hard to bring home federal investments for roads, bridges and other infrastructure improvements in the 24th District so we can bring back the companies and the jobs that we lost to outsourcing.

“It’s time for politicians in Washington to stop funding huge tax give-aways to the 1% while ignoring the needs here in Central New York to rebuild bridges, roads and other infrastructure, to invest in renewable energy and protecting the environment. With your vote to send me to Congress, I will fight for all upstate New York families and find common sense solutions to the challenges we face.” said Kingson.

Kingson is seeking the seat currently held by Rep. John Katko, a freshman representative currently living in Camillus.