Local Success Story

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As Fulton resident, Scott O’Connor, listened to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, he felt a lump forming in his throat.  Their stories were so similar; being raised by a single mother who went to college late in life and worked to give her five sons a decent life.

‘It was tough, but we learned to support one another, do the right thing, and never give up hope that our dreams could come true’ says O’Connor.  ‘I count my blessings every day.  I never thought I would end up owning my own business and doing what I love.’

O’Connor, a top-rated professional auto mechanic,  is owner and operator of SOS  Customs (Scott’s One Stop), located at 8 Thompson Rd in Fulton, New York.  Since opening his business, O’Connor has been swamped with repeat customers who rave about his abilities, attitude, honesty  and professionalism.  Remembering the tough times growing up has stuck with O’Connor, who has empathy for those who fear getting ‘ripped off’ when they enter a repair shop.

‘I remember my mom getting talked into having work done that she didn’t really need and couldn’t afford’, says O’Connor, ‘I could never do that to anyone, especially women and the elderly, who so often fall prey to those tactics.’

As a result, O’Connor not only offers discounts to women and ‘seniors’, he plans to hold monthly ‘I Can Do It’ workshops for women, to teach them simple basic procedures they can do themselves.  ‘I believe in empowering women to take on the auto repairs they can handle themselves, especially during this tough economy.

Getting under the hood and getting your hands dirty can give your self-esteem a boost,’ chuckles O’Connor.  ‘I plan to limit the number of women in the classes, so everyone gets a chance to actually do the work.  I’ll have tools designed for women, and even their own work gloves for those who don’t want to ruin their nails.’

Helping women, seniors and the disenfranchised is O’Connor’s way to pay tribute to the folks who helped him realize his dream.  ‘Scott’s One Stop’ is dedicated to helping those who have spent their lives helping others,’ says O’Connor.  ‘It’s a privilege to be part of the American dream.  I’m passing it on to my children and encouraging them to dream big.’