Maffei Visits Oswego Fire Department

OSWEGO, NY – Congressman Dan Maffei visited the East Side Fire Station on July 25 to check out the new self contained breathing apparatus recently put into service by The Oswego Fire Department.

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Maffei Visits Oswego Fire Department

Through the efforts of the congressman, the Oswego Fire Department along with the towns of Minetto, Oswego, Cody, and Granby Center received an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for a total of 121 breathing apparatus for the five local departments.

“This grant was unique as it combined five different departments and we are grateful for Dan’s effort in securing this. Including the local share this saved the city thousands of dollars. Due to the age of our other breathing apparatus, by 2016 all would have had to been replaced. The timing of this could not have been much better,” said Jeff McCrobie, chief.

Pictured are Firefighter Melissa Hartle, Chief McCrobie, Congressman Maffei, Assistant Fire Chief Donald Dowd, and Captain Peter Coffey.