Mahaney Rides The Cushion To A Fulton Speedway Modified Win; Billy Decker, Jordan Bennett, Larry Wight, Kyle Fink, Skip DeGroff Crowned Champions

FULTON, NY – (By Dave Medler) – The old racing saying, “High-Wide And Handsome” applied to Mike Mahaney Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway. Mahaney back behind the wheel of his family owned Big Blocked Modified  took the lead on lap 7, and then held off 2012 Track Champion Billy Decker, riding the cushion on a wicked fast surface.

For Mahaney , it was his second win of the 2012 season. What made then win even more special, it was the first time his mom was ever in victory with her son in the Big Block Modifieds.

Other winners on the final points night were,Tim Schneider, SUNY Canton Sportsman, Sean Beardsley, NAPA Late Models, Gary Hoppins, E&V Energy Novice Sportsman and Skip DeGroff, Part Plus Four Cylinder Stocks.

Chris Hile out ran Joe August Jr. and the rest of the starting field to lead the early going of the 35 lap Tracey Road Equipment Big Block Modified feature.

With 5 laps complete, Hile and Mike Mahaney were in a two-car breakaway at the front of the field, behind the top-two, Mike Bowman, August and Friday nights Brewerton winner Matt Hulsizer battled for third through fifth.

A yellow would fly on lap-6 to tighten the field up. On the restart, Mahaney shot to the bottom and drove by Hile to be scored the new leader on lap 7.

By lap 10, Mahaney was rim-riding the cushion to a half a straightaway lead over Hile. Behind the top-two, Bowman, Chuck Bower and Billy Decker were in a close battle for top-five spots.

With 15 laps showing on the scoring tower, Mahaney was still running the cushion as he started putting lapped cars between himself and Hile. Bowman, Decker and Bower still showed in the top-five.

On lap 20, Mahaney was still on rails, as he opened a four-second lead on the field. Hile and Decker  were in a hot fight for second and third with Bower and Bowman fourth and fifth.

With 10 laps to go and no yellows, Mahaney was in another zip code out front. Decker had moved to second as he tried to find a way to cut into Mahaney’s lead.

On lap 30, a yellow would fly that mahaney didn’t want to see that erased the lead he had built-up. This setup a five lap shootout with Decker.

Over the remaining laps Mahaney and Decker would run nose to tail and side by side. Mahaney was not going to be denied the win as he beat Decker to the checkers by 0.345 of a second. Chuck Bower, Ryan Phelps and Chris Hile rounded out the top-five. Pat Ward, Mike Bowman, Joe August Jr. Tom Sears Jr. and Matt Hulsizer completed the top-ten.

“That was a fun a race track right there. That’s about as fast as you’re going to go around the speedway. Holy Cow was there bite in this race track.” said a tired but excited Mike Mahaney  after rim-riding his Shop-Crane/ Aloi-Materials Handling/Northern Biodiesel/No.33 to victory lane.

.Mahaney talked about what went through his head and how he held off Decker for his second win of the year on the “High Banks.”

“Billy Decker scared the crap out of me. He was coming on the inside. I worked really hard, I just think the outside-groove  was a little better and I had the momentum. This race car was awesome, I can’t believe it. This (2012 season) has been such a wild ride, I can’t wait for it to keep going.”

Tim Schneider took the lead on a lap 3 in the early going of the 20 lap SUNY Canton Sportsman feature as he looked to run away and hide from the rest of the field.

At the halfway point, Schneider opened a decent lead as Greg Kimball, Nick Krause, Greg Mrzywka and Beth Schneider  looked for a way to run Schneider down.

Over the last 5 laps Schneider and Mrzywka were the show out front as Schneider edged Mrzywka out  at the finish by 0.382 of a second at the checkers. Greg Kimball, Jeremy Pitcher and Beth Schneider finished third through fifth.

Jordan Bennett was crowned with his first ever SUNY Canton Sportsman Track Championship.

Sean Beardsley was the class of the field in the 20 lap NAPA Late Model feature picking up his second win of the year. Beardsley took the lead on lap 2 and then held off Track Champion Larry Wight for the popular win. Alan Fink, Rick Miller and AJ Kingsley finished third through fifth.

After a season full of top-five finishes, and coming close to victory lane, Gary Hoppins finally got that first ever win in the 15 lap E&V Energy Novice Sportsman. Hoppins took the lead from Hilary Ward who led the opening 5 laps. Once in the lead Hoppins out ran 2012 Track Champion Kyle Fink for the win. Chris Hulsizer, Corey Barker and Dan Keyes finished third through fifth.

Skip DeGroff put an exclamation point on a successful 2012 season. Not only did he win the Parts Plus Four Cylinder Stock feature, he also won the 2012 Track Championship. Matt Dawson, Eric M Zirbel, Mark Johnston and Blake Fisher chased DeGroff across the line.

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(TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT BIG BLOCK MODIFIEDS 35 LAPS) – MIKE MAHANEY, Billy Decker, Chuck Bower, Ryan Phelps, Chris Hile, Pat Ward, Mike Bowman, Joe August Jr., Tom Sears Jr., Matt Hulsizer, Tom Kinsella, Dan Vauter, Larry Wight, Chad Phelps, Brian Murphy, Matt Fink, John Juhl Jr., Roy Shields, John Behron, Jim Witko Jr., Tim Sears Jr., Johnny Hill, Todd Milton.

(SUNY CANTON SPORTSMAN 20 LAPS) – TIM SCHNEIDER, Greg Mrzywka, Greg Kimball, Jeremy Pitcher, Beth Schneider, Scott Ford, Tom Juhl, Matt Emmons, Katelyn Kane, Ron Davis III, Andrew Ferguson, Jordan Bennett, Dave Emmons, Jason Occhino, Tony Finch II, Jim Spano, Rick Rogala, Rocky Grosso, Nick Krause, Tim Murphy, Justin Lindsey, Kris VanNorstrand, Justin Crisafulli, Rocco Leone, Tim Harris.

(NAPA LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – SEAN BEARDSLEY, Larry Wight, Alan Fink, Rick Miller, AJ Kingsley, Dave Talbot, Brandon Kidd, Rob Mason, Mike Trapp, Billy Eisele, Harry Halliday, Shayne Tenace, Dustin Hanlon, Art Halliday, Mike Vaughn, Laslow Hollyfield.

(E&V ENERGY NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS) – GARY HOPPINS, Kyle Fink, Chris Hulsizer, Corey Barker, Dan Keyes, Kevin VanNorstrand, Brandon Ford, Hilary Ward, Bailey Groves, Carl Warren, Nick Rupert, Taylor Lamb.

(PARTS PLUS FOUR CYLINDER STOCKS 12 LAPS) – SKIP DEGROFF, Matt Dawson. Eric M Zirbel, Mark Johnston, Blake Fisher, John West, David Baker, Sam Curcie, Irene Skillinski, Colby Herzog, Jim Graham.