Marionette Appointments, Political Payoffs or Cronyisms? Part 3 of 3

To The Editor:
Cronyism – The appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.

Then there is the old saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

There are many that have issues with these types of appointments within government jobs.

The ones that stand out the most are the ones that have happened most recently and locally.

An appointment of a Deputy Treasure to the Oswego County Treasure is a case in point.

A job of this magnitude you would think would have had a job search committee set up to ensure that the best possible person would be appointed to this position.

The appointed person may be the one chosen by the search committee but we will never know.

Was that done?


In a Treasure Department that has had a plethora of issues.

Why wouldn’t a search committee have been formed?


This position isn’t a mandated position and a Deputy Treasure would only be required in the extended absence of the County Treasure.

At that time the kegislature may select a person.

With all the uproar over the fact that 85% of the county’s costs being mandated, why would a county take on a non-mandated cost.


Why would the county take on a cost of $57k plus benefits for a Deputy Treasure which is the high end of the pay scale for that position, at a time when they are looking to cut costs.


The smart move would be to hire a CPA firm at that time to fill in, when the Treasure is out on an extended leave.

Not costing the county taxpayers money on a daily basis, only for the time needed.

Why wouldn’t this happen?


Frank Castiglia Jr.
Oswego County Legislator 25th District