Mayor Barlow Announces $25,000 Funding to Good Guys Barbershop Expansion Project

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow announces $25,000 in funding to assist the Good Guys Barbershop in Oswego with its expansion and re-location project in downtown Oswego resulting in the addition of four jobs and storefront location on West First Street in the core of downtown.

The funding comes from the commitment of program income through the NYS Community Development Block Grant program administered and managed by the city’s Office of Economic Development.

“I’m thrilled to assist Keith Raymond and the Good Guys Barbershop with its expansion project with this funding. The Good Guys Barbershop is a staple in downtown Oswego and this project will give them a larger and more visible presence and is the exact type of project we are encouraging in our downtown,” Mayor Barlow said. “Our small businesses like the Good Guys Barbershop is the fabric of our community and is what sets Oswego apart from other downtowns. My administration remains committed to encouraging, facilitating and assisting with renovation and expansion projects for our small, local business owners throughout our community.”

Raymond, owner of the Good Guys Barbershop thanked Mayor Barlow and Justin Rudgick, economic development director for the city of Oswego for their support.

“I appreciate the mayor’s support and Justin’s assistance in helping me to relocate and expand The Good Guys Barber Shop to a more visible storefront location in downtown Oswego,” he said.

The $25,000 in funding to the Good Guys Barbershop comes on the heels of a $545,000 announcement Mayor Barlow made in October to funding 20 small business projects through the Downtown Improvement Fund, one of 12 projects in the city of Oswego’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant.

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  1. Any chance of some grant money for the ‘other downtown?’ Many businesses are outside the one block (or is it two) that currently qualifies for this amazing grant/loan money. These other businesses going up Bridge Street, East and West, as well as those on Utica Street, East and West also present a picture of Oswego to visitors and locals alike! For many years (over 50 going on 100 years since the Urban Renewal of the 1960s that created that urban blight called Midtown Plaza) was a long long time ago, and one of the few major improvements (was it?) to the East Side, although a lot of owners have put in their own money to improve their properties.

    It would be grand if there was some money to be found for buildings off the downtown grid that pay taxes, and provide services to Oswego. Esp. nice would be to make ALL of Oswego look better for tourist traffic, which I believe is the goal of the Barlow Administration (and we can see it IS happening, THANK YOU, Mayor Billy! :0) ).

    IF we look at other same size (or only a little bigger) lake front communities like Skaneateles, Canandaigua, it doesn’t take an awful lot to make them attractive for not just tourism (about the only big industry in NYS these days), but also for new residents who move to a community not just for the geography, but for the architectural aesthetics. Thank you Renaissance people!

    IF there is money to be had to improve businesses, that is a place to begin. Esp. if those improvements provide more local jobs.

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