Mayor Barlow Lifts Winter Parking Ban

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow has lifted the overnight winter parking ban in the city of Oswego.

The winter parking ban means no on-street parking on city streets from 1 – 6 a.m. in the city of Oswego during the winter months.

The ban usually lasts until March 31, but Mayor Barlow said due to a small amount of snow on the ground and a favorable weather forecast, he is comfortable with lifting the ban to limit the inconvenience for those with no off- street parking.

“I appreciate the cooperation from our residents who have had to find an alternative place to park during the winter months due to the ban,” said Mayor Barlow. “I am lifting the ban at the earliest opportunity to limit the inconvenience caused to our residents with no off-street parking. I do ask, however, that folks pay attention to the weather forecast. If a significant snowfall enters the forecast, please do your best to resort back to off-street parking and give our Department of Public Works the room they need to keep our streets clean and safe.”