Mayor Bateman Appoints New Fire Chief

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Randolph Bateman announced today June 24) that he has appointed Jeffrey M. McCrobie as Chief of the Oswego Fire Department.

McCrobie will replace Chief Joseph Perry who is retiring effective June 26.

McCrobie is a 25-year veteran of the department.

He began his career as a firefighter July 22, 1985.

Most recently he has served as First Assistant Fire Chief since April 27, 2008.

As First Assistant Fire Chief, McCrobie has been the operations officer at any major fire.

He is also a member of the rapid intervention team.

He is married to the former Pamela Janice and they have three children, Katie, Jessica and Steven.

McCrobie is an avid softball player and is in his fifth decade in the City Softball League. He also enjoys playing golf.

Mayor Bateman also announced that Donald T. Dowd II will replace McCrobie as First Assistant Fire Chief.

Dowd has been in the Fire Department since June 19, 1989.

Most recently he has served as a Fire Captain since December 2, 2007.

In his role as captain, Dowd is in charge of marine operations which encompasses the dive team, ice rescue and boat operations.

He is also a member of the rapid intervention team, and he is a strong advocate for physical fitness in the department.

Dowd is married to the former Michelle Lacey. They have three children, Donald III, Erin and Benjamin.

Dowd enjoys many outdoor activities.

Bateman stated, “I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff McCrobie as the new Fire Chief. He has done an outstanding job as First Assistant Fire Chief.  Because of his great leadership skills, he is highly respected in the department. I am very happy he has accepted the appointment.”

Bateman also said, “Captain Dowd’s knowledge and dedication make him an ideal candidate for the position of First Assistant Fire Chief. I believe Chief McCrobie and he will work very well together for the betterment of the Oswego Fire Department.”

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