Mayor Urges City Residents To Be Gracious Hosts For Harborfest

OSWEGO, NY – The Port City is getting set for Harborfest 2013 – Thursday through Sunday.

“I want to encourage all residents to enjoy Harborfest and be considerate hosts,” Mayor Tom Gillen said at Monday night’s Common Council meeting. “I’d like to remind people that we are the hosts (of Harborfest) for the tens of thousands of people who come to our city.”

He said he’d like to see residents take pride in their city during the festival and be gracious hosts.

“Do we have problems? Yes, every city in America does,” he said.

Even though Oswego is facing tough economic times, it isn’t as bad off as cities such as Detroit, which recently declared bankruptcy, he pointed out.

“I think Harborfest is symbolic of what Oswego really is,” the mayor said. “We’ve been around as a city; this is our third century. We have something that’s very special – natural resources and a wonderful history.”

“This Harborfest, I’d appreciate it everyone got out there and were gracious hosts. I’m proud to be mayor during this event,” he continued.

To those who will visit Oswego this weekend, he said, “Enjoy Harborfest 2013. And, come back to visit Oswego again soon to enjoy all that we have to offer.”

The Children’s Gala will kick off Harborfest events on Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in Breitbeck Park.

Come and enjoy an old-time carnival in the Breitbeck Food Tent full of events and activities especially for children ages 2 to 12.

Tickets are $5, which includes the cost of food, and can be purchased at the Oswego YMCA, Mother Earth Baby at 70 W. Bridge St., or at the Harborfest Offices. The gala will also host the first T-Shirt decorating workshop.

For more information please visit or call the Harborfest office at 343-6858.

Monday night, the councilors agreed to consider a Harborfest related request without it having been discussed at the committee level first.

The council approved a noise ordinance waiver for Gibby’s Irish Pub on West Second Street for Harborfest weekend; and a second granting a waiver for the months of August and September.