Mexico Author Writes To Help Others

Benjamin Kellogg at home with his books.

Benjamin Kellogg at home with his books.

MEXICO, NY – Benjamin Kellogg is a 24-year-old freelance writer from Mexico.

Benjamin Kellogg at home with his books.
Benjamin Kellogg at home with his books.

He graduated from Cayuga Community College in 2012 with an Associate’s Degree in Arts in Humanities and Social Science with a concentration in Writing. Ben has worked on numerous writing projects since he graduated.

He has been very busy.

“At this time, I am working on the Noah and Logan children’s e-book series along with other works,” he told Oswego County Today. “I have had two poems published in the UNIQUE Magazine, which is a local magazine published by ARISE, an organization that supports special needs people in the area. I am also working on a novel about pro wrestling.”

Two books have been published in the Noah and Logan series thus far: Noah and Logan Learn to Clean and Noah and Logan Learn to Share.

Ben is currently working on a third book, with other titles in the planning stages.

“I have autism. These books are my way of helping others,” he said.

The idea for the Noah and Logan series came to him shortly after he graduated from Cayuga Community College.

“I created the series to help children to learn the social and life skills I struggled to master when I was younger. Many life and social skills such as cleaning, sharing, tying my shoes and using my manners were challenging to me. But, with many years of practice and a great support system consisting of my parents, teachers, family, friends, therapists and others, I was able to master them and make them a natural part of my life,” he said. “I want to help other children, especially those with autism, to learn what I consider to be essential skills and to have a bit of fun doing so.”

Ben Kellogg displays his books outside the Floral - Gift Shop on Main Street in Mexico recently.
Ben Kellogg displays his books outside the Floral – Gift Shop on Main Street in Mexico recently.

The two main characters in the Noah and Logan stories are modeled and named after two of Ben’s young cousins.

“I thought they might enjoy seeing themselves as characters in a story, grow up with the books and learn alongside their book-based counterparts,” he said. “They and their families enjoy the stories very much.”

His mother, Theresa, serves as the illustrator for the Noah and Logan series.

“I have fine motor issues that make it difficult for me to draw.  She works from the ideas I have for each illustration. I let her know what I want and then she draws it,” he said.

“I feel that one of the most inspirational parts in the series thus far, certainly one of my favorites, is a scene in Noah and Logan Learn to Share when both boys decide to share their toys,” he continued.

The text reads: “Noah and Logan have an idea! They will share the dinosaurs!” The accompanying illustration shows both boys holding their dinosaurs out to one another while they say, “We should play together!”

“It is the climactic scene in the story as it shows how everyone can share with one another if people cooperate and compromise, and one I discussed at length with my mother, the illustrator,” Ben said. “I wanted it to appear a certain way, and the way she composed it is how I pictured it in my mind.”

His mother was also instrumental in finding a publisher for the stories.

“For two years after we began work on the stories together, she searched online for publishing companies willing to publish my books. Eventually, she was able to connect with a publishing company from England called Ex-L-Ence Publishing that was willing to publish my books as e-books,” he said. “Our working relationship has been very fruitful so far. I look forward to publishing many more of my stories with this company in the future.”

The response to the Noah and Logan series has been very positive thus far.

Ben has been touring Oswego County promoting the books, visiting libraries, schools and other venues sharing his stories with children and adults alike.

“The children love the stories and the adults, including parents, teachers, librarians, and others express great interest in my life story and the making of the series,” he said.

The books are currently on sale on Amazon websites in several parts of the world. Ben has received e-mails of praise from readers in Central New York, California, England, Japan and Australia.

autism banner“The Noah and Logan series is intended for children from age two to five. I have especially written them to help children with autism. However, I am of the belief that they could benefit all children and I do hope my stories find their way into many hands,” the author said.

For more information about autism, contact the Oswego County Autism Task Force at 349-3510.

The mission of the task force is to provide information that enhances the lives of those touched by the Autism Disorder Spectrum in the community.