Midway Drive In Movie Theatre To Host 5th Open Captioned Event for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Coinciding once again with National “Deaf Awareness Week”, the Midway Drive-In Theatre, located on NYS Route 48 in Minetto, New York, between Fulton & Oswego will be showing their weekend movies with open captioning, also known as OC movies. Open captioned films are current first run movies with English subtitles along with other indications of sounds and music. The regular sound track is still part of the films and played to the audience. This enables the Deaf & hard-of-hearing community to attend the theatres and fully understand every part of the movies just like their families & friends with no hearing disabilities.

An estimated 10% of the population has some form of hearing loss and are unable to “fully” enjoy a night at the movies. An additional 20%, without hearing difficulties, also typically stay away from movie theatres for lack of accommodations for their loved ones. The historic premiere of open captioned movies at the Midway Drive In 5 years ago was well attended by both Deaf and Hearing movie fans. Regular customers with no hearing impairments are also expected to attend this event with many looking forward to the OC format. These movies are more understandable to everyone, as it clarifies quiet or muffled dialogue scenes.

The double feature from 2004 at the Midway Drive In was so successful that it brought awareness of the need for OC movies in the Central New York area. In January 2005, Regal Cinemas at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse began playing OC films and now they are offered everyday. Prior to the 2004 weekend showings at the Midway Drive In Theatre, there were no theatres in CNY that offered OC Movies for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing on a regular basis. Until recently, those with hearing disabilities in this area had to wait until movies came out on VHS/DVD’s to view them with the closed captioning.

In years’ past, customers from as far away as Rochester and Albany came to share the experience at the Midway Drive In. Today, this theatre remains the only drive in theatre in the nation that has ever shown films that cater to Deaf & hard-of-hearing audiences. Once again, interpreters will be there to assist at the box office and concession stand when necessary. Theatre will open at 6 pm for a “social hour”. Program goes on rain or shine.

For more information about this special event, please go to www.midwaydrivein.com or www.midwaydriveinoc.com.

To check show times for OC movies at Regal Cinemas in Carousel Mall you can click on : http://www.regmovies.com/nowshowing/opencaptionedshowtimes.aspx#NY , and then scroll down to Syracuse.