Minetto Fourth Graders Take Education Outdoors

Submitted Article

MINETTO, NY – Minetto Elementary School fourth graders had a unique educational experience as they recently had an overnight trip to Camp Hollis.

Once again the students participated in the Outdoor Education Program as students benefited in numerous ways.

There was some time for relaxation and play as the Minetto Elementary School fourth graders enjoyed the visit to Camp Hollis. From left are Kyra O’Gorman, Michele Lavery, Emily Strzelinski, Kelci Somers, Bree Adner, Alexis Elmer, Sydnie LeRoy, Torrin Lisi, Jacob Myers, Brianna Yablonski, and Dakota Ellis while in back are Adrianna Zagame, Lauaraen Sharkey, Laura Godden and Katrina Sharkey.Teacher Paula Weigelt noted, “The primary purpose of the program is to reinforce, apply and enrich curriculum objectives in a natural setting. We also want to sensitize the students to nature and the effect that man has made upon the environment.”

Continuing she noted, “This program provides students with a chance to develop practical life skills. It also gives students the opportunity to have the experience of working within a group to accomplish a particular goal.”

The trip took place in late May under the direct supervision of the fourth grade teachers, Weigelt, Christina Mendez, Tracy Anderson, Nicole Freebern, and Melissa Barlow-Gorman, as well as many of the students’ parents whose willingness to give up their time to volunteer was invaluable.

Weigelt explained, “The highlights of the two day trip included a scavenger hunt on the trails at camp, team building activities on the challenge course (courtesy of Project X founders Gina Holsopple and Matt Wood), dissecting owl pellets, a presentation from  Diane Oldenburg from the Oswego County on Lyme Disease, Rabies, West Nile Virus, and environmental safety, a camp fire and sing-a-long (courtesy of Mrs. Deborah Bartholomew’s musical preparation), story hour with our principal Donna Simmons, building bug boxes donated from Lowe’s with  Geoff Baer, and journaling and drawing. Each student was also left with a souvenir T-shirt signed by all of their classmates, beautifully personalized by Valti Graphics of Oswego.”

This is the ninth annual camping trip for the fourth grade classrooms at Minetto School.

Weigelt explained, “We could not do it without the tremendous support of our school district, our parents and Home and School Association, and the staff at Camp Hollis, most notably, Jim Farfaglia and Lois Terminella.”