Minetto Kindergartners Become Published Penguin Authors

MINETTO – One class at Minetto Elementary School recently turned into Perry’s Perfect Penguin Publishers.

Students in Leeanne Perry’s kindergarten classroom proudly display their handmade penguin stories, upon completion of a group research project.

Kindergarteners in Leeanne Perry’s classroom celebrated all the hard work that went into their very first group research project all about penguins.

Together, the young students looked up penguin facts and organized their findings based on what penguins looked like, what they did, their body parts and other interesting facts.

After all information was compiled, the students hand-wrote their stories. The first four pages of each penguin-shaped book contained the information the whole group gathered, but the fifth and final page was left up to the budding authors.

Perry said that provided the students an opportunity to individualize their story. Stories were then “published” by taking them to the back table before they were shared with one another.

Perry said her class was also thrilled to participate in a videoconference with the California Academy of Sciences, which has a live webcam to its African penguin exhibit. The students were in awe after a representative from the academy also shared that a story was written about a featherless penguin that utilized a neoprene suit to stay warm and eventually its feathers grew back.

The students then practiced further literacy skills by reading stories aloud, as they worked through reading with expression based on various punctuation marks.