Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation Memorial Brick Walkway

FULTON – In 2009, the Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation, Inc., established the Memorial Brick Walkway at the site of the former Case Memorial Chapel in Mount Adnah Cemetery, East Broadway.

There are now more than 270 inscribed memorial bricks in the walkway.

The public is invited to purchase memorial bricks to be installed in this walkway in memory of any person, whether buried at Mount Adnah or elsewhere.

The bricks may contain a maximum of 18 characters and spaces on each of three lines.

Bricks must be ordered by May 14 to ensure installation by Memorial Day.

Orders received after this date will be installed prior to Veterans’ Day 2017.

Brick order forms may be obtained from any Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation, Inc. director or at Foster Funeral Home, Sugar Funeral Home and the Mount Adnah Cemetery office.

Checks payable to Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation, Inc. should be mailed with order forms to the Foundation at P.O. Box 715, Fulton, NY 13069.

A wayside sign has been erected at the site of the former Case Memorial Chapel, describing the chapel, its history and containing a picture of the chapel.

Visitors to the Memorial Walkway will find this sign an aid to their understanding of this memorial site.

Memorial donations made in memory of the late Dawn Rodgers Rowlee, a deceased former member of the board of directors of the Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation, Inc., were used to create the walkway.

She was instrumental in creating the memorial garden at the site of the historic Case Memorial Chapel, which was demolished several years ago.

The walkway commences at the steps to the former chapel and ends at the memorial bench at the rear of the site.

Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation directors have been attending to the plantings in the garden and this has become a lovely area of remembrance and reflection.

The public is urged to visit this area when at the cemetery.

The Mount Adnah Preservation Foundation, Inc. will continue the sale of memorial bricks until all the bricks in the walkway have been inscribed.

Those seeking more information may contact Brian Guyer, committee chairman, at 315-592-2523 or by e-mail to [email protected]