Movie Night? Family Video of Fulton Will “Round It Up” to Benefit Lymphoma Research

FULTON, NY – Family Video is in the final days of it’s sixth annual “Round It Up” campaign in Fulton.

The campaign offers all customers of Family Video the opportunity to round up their purchase amount to the nearest dollar, donating mere cents of every purchase to the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Those cents from each purchase, however, have added up to contribute to nearly $6 million raised for lymphoma research in the past five years since beginning the campaign.

In that time frame, the funding helped get approval of 14 new lymphoma treatment drugs and 63 research grants, according to a public relations associate for Family Video, Lauren Baca.

“It’s only a few cents per donation, but with every purchase it really adds up. Its a simple way to give back,” Baca said.

The campaign began in it’s sixth year in Fulton on March 10 and will complete its fundraising efforts on Sunday, March 26.

The Fulton Family Video has recently moved from its former location at 104 W. Broadway to its new location at 165 S. Second St.

“We love this campaign because it proves that a few cents can go a long way,” said Tom Loughrey, manager of Fulton’s Family Video. “Lymphoma has impacted the lives of many families and we’re lucky to be able to give back what we can. We have participated in the campaign since the beginning and we look forward to taking part until a cure for the disease is found.

If you’re looking to have a movie night this weekend, Family Video of Fulton encourages you to check out their new location and consider donating your change to “round it up” for lymphoma research.

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