Nelson Tree Service visits CiTi

MEXICO – Select students at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation were recently visited by representatives from Nelson Tree Service, who provided a sparkling demonstration on the dangers associated with tree removal and power lines.

Nelson Tree Service
Nelson Tree Service

Wearing flame retardant clothing, Dana Peck, a safety supervisor for Nelson Tree Service, led a demonstration on how treacherous an exposed power line can be.

Run by a diesel generator, Peck powered on a simulated power line with the capabilities of distributing 7,000 volts of electricity.

Peck then showcased the dangers related to that amount of voltage by touching the line with an assortment of household products, and each item proved to be conductive to the line.

Peck, along with Jay Curry, a general foreman for Nelson Tree Service, also discussed the bevy of employment opportunities that Nelson Tree Service could offer the students thanks to the skills they’ve honed in at CiTi.

“We’ve have employed two students that went to CiTi, and both have worked out extremely well,” said Curry.

Garrette Weiss, a business education liaison at CiTi, thanked Nelson Tree Service for providing such quality training for the students. Weiss extended his appreciation to Nelson Tree Service Regional Manager Kip Erikson, who gave permission to facilitate the training at CiTi’s Mexico campus.