New College Apartments Holds Ground-Breaking Ceremony

OSWEGO, NY – Ground was broken for a project on the west side of the Port City Wednesday that has the potential to improve the quality of life in several neighborhoods elsewhere in Oswego.

The groundbreaking ceremony at Premier Living Suites, an apartment complex designed for college students, was held shortly after noon at 247 W. Utica St.

The groundbreaking ceremony at Premier Living Suites, an apartment complex designed for college students, was held Wednesday.
The groundbreaking ceremony at Premier Living Suites, an apartment complex designed for college students, was held Wednesday.

Premier Living Suites is an affiliate of Furlong Properties, a collection of housing facilities located within the city of Oswego.

The project has been in the works for more than three years and is to be completed by August 2013.

“We saw a need for better quality housing for SUNY Oswego students,” said co-owner Patrick Furlong. “Our aim is to bring the students and the community together.”

“Pat and I both live in the community, we raised our families here,” co-owner Patrick Furlong said at the groundbreaking. “We not only want to make the community a great place for everybody to live, but a better place – something everybody can be proud of.”

SUNY Oswego is “a very significant part of the community,” he added.

“Pat and I feel that housing is a big issue for students and residents. We expect students to live in our city and help support our community, yet we ask some of them to live in poor conditions or offer them very little in quality housing,” he said.

The fully-furnished suite-style apartments feature four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room with a 40-inch flat screen TV; all amenities including wash and dry, cable, wireless Internet and other utilities are included in the rent.

“When Disney does something, it’s big, top of the line, and high quality; that’s how I’m treating the Premier Living Suites project,” Greg Furlong said.

In offering better housing, they’ll attract better tenants, he continued.

An artist's rendering of the finished complex
An artist’s rendering of the finished complex

“Offering better opportunities for our young professionals will bring our community better results,” he said. “Our goal with this project is to encourage and help young professionals by giving them the tools and better opportunities to succeed. In turn, the students will help our local businesses, our local programs like the YMCA and Red Cross, youth programs and other local organizations. Offer more, expect more. Our motto is Live, Dream – Succeed.”

The Furlongs say their philosophy can be seen in the design of the apartment building. The state-of-the-art security system provides students with an identification swipe card to enter the three-story building, which features numerous facilities including a movie theater, computer lab, fitness center and game room.

“We are truly looking to make this an elite place to live,” Gregg Furlong said.

Residents may enjoy a free continental breakfast, semester care packages, fitness classes, on-site parking and discounts at surrounding businesses.

The building’s location is within walking distance from the SUNY Oswego campus and right on the bus route for easy access to the city.

Premier Living Suites is currently signing leases for the 71 beds in the building. For more information, please visit

The Furlongs say the building will take about a week to erect.

It will take five days to get the modular units set, and then two days to shingle the roof.

The interiors will be completed in time to welcome students for the fall 2013 semester.

“In seven days, start to finish, we’ll have a building standing, 30,000 square foot,” Gregg Furlong said. “In my mind, that’s pretty impressive; weather permitting, if we get days like this we’ll be great.”

L. Michael Treadwell, executive direct of Operation Oswego County, which assisted the developers, said the project will be a shot in the arm for the Port City as well as the college.

“I think it’s great,” added Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen. “It’s really a quality project. The fact that it can go up in just seven days is remarkable.”

The new facility will have an impact on the students living near downtown Oswego, the mayor pointed out.

“A lot of the kids living in town are going to want to move in here now,” he said.

He hopes that landlords will now continue to improve their properties and rent to single families and some first-time homeowners will move into the neighborhoods.

“This (PLS) is going to change the footprint of the city. This is going to be great,” the mayor said. “It’s going to mean more housing choices for a lot of people, not just college students.”