New Look Under Way For Leighton School

OSWEGO, NY – There have been some changes around the Frederick Leighton Elementary School.

Construction and renovation has recently commenced and work will be under way in and around the building for the next several months.

Recently, fencing went up near the main entrance of the building as crews went to work preparing the area for capital project improvement which were approved by the voters of the Oswego City School District several years ago.

This is an artistic rendering of the new look at the Frederick Leighton Elementary School.
This is an artistic rendering of the new look at the Frederick Leighton Elementary School.

Project Manager David Butts of Campus Construction, said, “Currently the work underway at the Frederick Leighton Elementary School for the new entry vestibule addition and we are replacing existing duct work with new duct work in areas where ceiling tiles have been removed.”

The new entry way will provide for a safer and more secure environment for Leighton students and staff.

During the current school year many other projects will also be under way at the westside Oswego school.

Butts explained, “When the entry addition is completed the existing entry corridor will be renovated into the main office.”

He also noted that ceiling removals would take place in some corridors and classrooms and further duct work replacement will be completed.

To enhance the security and safety aspect of the project there will also be wiring replacement for a new fire alarm, public address system and security cameras.

It was also explained that there would also be some floor abatement work required during the current school year.

Next summer will be an extremely busy time for construction and renovation projects at Leighton.

A new roof will be installed over the 1987 additions, there will be metal siding refinishing on the façade of the gymnasium and heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades will take place.

These are just part of the major components of the project as numerous other areas will also be addressed as part of the capital project.