New Oswego Business Aspires To Bring Wellness To Community

Aqua Spa logo, provided by Tammy Wilkinson.

OSWEGO – Aqua Spa Float Center and Wellness Boutique owners Tammy Wilkinson and Terry LeRoi are aiming to enhance the quality of life in Oswego through their services when they open their new business this summer.

“This is a passion project really about bringing wellness to the community,” Wilkinson said. “We’ve always been intrigued with natural remedies and healthy modalities and alternative medicine.”  

Anticipating to become fully operational during the summer months, Aqua Spa will offer float therapy, cryotherapy, an infrared sauna, salt therapy, an oxygen bar and a high tech massage chair.

Terry LeRoi and Tammy Wilkinson in a Revolution Float Orb at the Superior Float Tanks factory in Norfolk, Virginia. Photo provided by Tammy Wilkinson.

Fiances Wilkinson and LeRoi were first introduced to float therapy two years ago when she bought him a  couples float gift certificate. After, they found their experience magical. They continued float therapy as it helped Wilkinson with anxiety and her Lupus symptoms and it helped LeRoi with muscle soreness from being an athlete. 

“It was such a beautiful experience, but it also had amazing benefits both mentally and physically,” Wilkinson said.

The more they went to float therapy, the more they thought everyone should have that experience, Wilkinson said. They began researching, visiting different float centers and learned about the industry from Float Tank Solutions. 

The couple had their eye on a few different places to set up their own float center, but decided on opening it in Oswego at 120 E. First St., just a short drive from their home in Minetto. 

Not only do they live in the area, but they also do business in Oswego. She is the founder of Theatre Du Jour, a dinner theatre company based in Oswego. LeRoi is also the owner of LeRoi, Inc., a jewelry manufacturing company that relocated to Oswego last June. 

Wilkinson said a big part of that decision derived from watching the momentum of Oswego and its progress within the past few years. 

“We sat down with [Mayor Billy Barlow] and we talked about whether or not this would be something that would be embraced by our community, and I think we all agreed that it would be a huge asset first and foremost, but it would elevate the community to a different level to have a wellness center of this caliber in the area,” Wilkinson said. “It really made sense to bring it here where we live and work.”

Although they will offer six different modalities, Wilkinson said the idea behind all of them is to slow down, take the time for self-care, unplug from the world and get back in touch with oneself. Once someone is done with a modality, they will be able to go into a relaxation room before leaving.

Looking forward, Wilkinson said they also plan to have a community room for guest speakers to talk about different areas of health and a retail space to sell magnesium supplements, organic clothing, natural beauty products, and potentially snacks to go. 

“We really aspire to have it be a one-stop shop for everything wellness,” Wilkinson said. “It is one of a kind. It is the biggest float center in New York state, and it’ll be one of the best wellness centers in the area.”

They anticipate a soft opening for friends, family and other business owners in May to work out any bugs that may pop up before they are fully operational in the summer. 

For more information on the modalities the business will offer, visit Aqua Spa’s website.