Newest Oswego High School Honor Society Inductees Welcomed

OSWEGO, NY – Traditionally the first Sunday afternoon in May means that it is time for the Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s head Chapter induction ceremony.

As families, friends and faculty, along with some members of the Board of Education, gathered at the Robinson-Faust Theatre for the Performing Arts, nearly 40 Oswego High School students were inducted.

The newest members of the Oswego High School National Honor Society gathered for the annual photo.
The newest members of the Oswego High School National Honor Society gathered for the annual photo.

Addressing the students and audience, Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell said, “When I reflect upon ‘What is Right with Oswego High School and what makes us a School of Excellence’ the answer is the leadership of our best and brightest.”

Continuing he noted, “Inductees, your accomplishments, coupled with your commitment and characters makes us all very proud. I encourage you to take time to reflect upon your journey to this point. I am sure that you will recall many of the exceptional teachers that made a lasting impression on you. When offering thanks to shoe that have helped you along the way, be sure not to forget your parents. Your accomplishment are a compilation of many years of education and certain a proud day for all of us. It is vital, however, to remember that the first teachers you ever had are your parents who have devoted their lives to you. They were your first teachers and your teachers for life.”

Owl’s Head Chapter Officers had a key part in the ceremony as President Catherine Wells, Vice President Christina Abare, along with co-secretaries Jeremy Galvin and Sarah Mancuso were joined on stage by Treasurer Brianna Favata.

The officers introduced the newest inductees.

Included as the newest members of the National Honor Society were Rana Al-Salameh, Sean Benjamin, Shane Bowman, Molly Brown, Joshua Bucher, Josh Carney, Lainey Celeste, Meredith Chesare, Nora Culeton, Marguerite Dillon, Sage Dudley, Jacob Gardner, Gracie Gilbert, Kellie Gorman, Alexandra Henderson, Shea Hewitt and Kyle Kemper.

Also inducted were Katherine Knopp, Brianah Lane, Meghan Livoti, Mayraliz Lopez, Jordan McCauley, Paul Oleyourryk, Rachael Purtell, Reilly Patrick, Nicholas Reiner, Angie Rookey, Edward Sheridan, Brenna Sherman, Allison Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Christopher Sullivan, Kayla Volkomer, Kara Weiss and Nikolas Whiteside.

Principal Hartwell praised the academic achievements of the students. He said, “While this ceremony is to honor those students that have gone above and beyond in leadership, scholarship, character and service; this is not your finale. No, the certificates, medals, and applause are merely the beginning. Oswego High School, our community and eventually your nation will look to you and those like you to lead us deeper into the 21st Century. The commitment and character that you have demonstrated will serve you well as you continue your journey.”

He closed by saying, “Thank you for representing your family and Oswego High in such fine fashion. One again, Congratulations. You should be proud of yourselves.”