DRI Advisory Committee Discusses DRI Projects, Concerns

Fulton CDA

FULTON – The City of Fulton’s newly formed DRI Advisory Committee met Tuesday March 26 to learn about DRI projects and provide questions, concerns and feedback on projects that are critically behind.  The 20-person citizen committee, comprised of local and regional stakeholders, was recently appointed by the Common Council. The Committee’s purpose is to keep the public updated and engaged with what is happening with the DRI, and most importantly, help to gather information and advise the council on previously awarded DRI projects.


In total, there were initially 16 projects selected–a combination of municipal, non profit, and private projects with grants totalling $9.7 million. The city was awarded the DRI in 2019 for its vision and for project synergy but each project is contracted separately with New York State. The final award list can be found here: Fulton_DRI_Award_Booklet2021.pdf (ny.gov) and current list of projects can be found on the city’s website at fultonny.org/dri-initiative-page/


At Tuesday’s meeting, the Fulton DRI Strategic Investment Plan ny.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/Fulton DRI_Strategic_Investment_Plan2021.pdf was revisited, that includes the city’s vision which states: Our vision is to leverage Fulton’s Historic downtown waterfront and the economic drivers found in Fulton’s health, service, and manufacturing industries and its innovative entrepreneurs to enhance the city’s natural and cultural attractions.


With COVID, much of the DRI was on hold, however, city officials have been meeting regularly with state officials from Empire State Development and Department of State to provide status updates and share information critical to seeing the grants through to completion. Some projects have changed since the original award and an updated project list has been provided to the committee.   More information will be shared with the public as it is learned.


Tuesday’s meeting was spent gathering and documenting questions and concerns from the committee on the city’s updated zoning maps and design guidelines and Building 30 redevelopment which are two DRI projects that are behind schedule. In addition, questions and concerns were gathered regarding the downtown fiber-optic upgrade and WiFi Installation and development on the former Nestle site to attract and expand advanced start-up manufacturing businesses.  Other projects are nearing completion or in design phase. More projects will be discussed at future meetings and, in some cases, ribbon cuttings will be scheduled to celebrate completion.


Those serve who on the DRI Advisory Committee are: Chair and resident Marie Mankiewicz, Vice Chair and resident Brittney Jerred, Secretary and resident Caroline Shue, Superintendent of Fulton City Schools Brian Pulvino, Fire and Police Commissioner and resident David Miner, 5th Ward Councilor and resident Audrey Avery, County Legislator and resident Frank Castiglia, resident John McGraw, 3rd Ward Councilor and resident Don Patrick, Code Enforcement Officer Malcolm Wettering, resident and Fulton City School district representative Sean Broderick, County Tourism and Planning Tim Stahl, County Tourism and Planning Dave Turner, resident Cathy Trowbridge, Mayor Jim Rice, City Clerk and resident Jodi Corsoniti, Director of Public works and resident C J Smith, Director of Parks and rec and resident Chris Waldron, resident David Phares, Fulton Savings Bank Vice President Tina Stephens.


To learn more, visit: fultonny.org/dri-initiative-page/To provide feedback to the committee, please send an email to FultonDRI@gmail.com or call Fulton Community Development Agency’s Assistant Director Caroline Shue at 315-593-7166 x5.


 Questions, concerns and feedback will be provided to the committee for consideration or response.  The chairs are encouraging members of the committee to bring any public concerns to future meetings as well as encouraging the committee to invite people to the upcoming public meetings.  The meetings are open to the public. The next meetings will be April 4 and April 18 at 10 am in the municipal room at City Hall, 141 S. 1st St., Fulton, NY 13069.

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