Fulton Police Make Arrest in Child Abuse Investigation

Photo from Fulton PD

     On 05/29/24, the Fulton Police department began in investigation at the Fulton Junior High School, regarding an allegation of child abuse.  It was reported that a school employee, who served as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in a special education room, had slapped a 12-year-old disabled student in his face.

When school administration learned of the incident, they began their own inquiry, which revealed further concerns regarding the same employee.

The police department investigation confirmed the account of the employee slapping the child.  It also revealed that the same employee was assigned specifically to a different, 14-year-old disabled student in the room, who required her constant supervision to address airway management issues.

Numerous witnesses reported that throughout this school year, the LPN had repeatedly placed a cloth over the victim’s head, completely covering his eyes, nose, and mouth.

This occurred while the student was experiencing episodes of coughing and vomiting.  It is further alleged that the defendant left the victim student unsupervised for long periods of time while at the school.

On 06/05/24, the suspect surrendered herself to the Fulton Police Department for arrest.  She is identified as:

          Shauna J. Pople, 42 years old, of Sterling


          Charges: 2 counts of Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent/Physically Disabled Person 1st   Degree – Class E Felony


  2 counts of Endangering the Welfare of A Child – Class A Misdemeanor


  1 count of Harassment in the Second Degree –  Violation



     Pople was held pending arraignment in Fulton City Court.  Anyone who may have further information regarding this case is asked to contact Sgt. Lucas Hollenbeck at (315) 592-3426.

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  1. This isn’t the only person in the district that has issues. There was a bus driver few years ago who wouldn’t allow a sick kid off the bus multiple times to seek medical assistance who kept her job, one former coach was moved because of rumors of inappropriate relationship with a player and kept coaching positions but moved to boys only and the replacement coach bullied and harassed players the following year. The district has lots of good people but this nurse isn’t the only one who should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child! Then there was that one track coach who got caught and charged but the other two male coaches still have their jobs even with their behavior. And let’s not forget the tech teacher arrested for stealing school property. Fulton needs to clean house. Fulton…school district with a future felon or two employed.

  2. How about a mugshot?
    Is this, person who is accused, related to anyone in our medical community ?

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