NIESS asks for Voter Support in 15th County Legislative Race

Dear Voter of the 15th Legislative District,

This election is an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in our local government. I need your help in making that happen by electing me as your County Legislator for our 15th District.

Why should you vote for me and what sets me apart from the other candidates?

Leadership & Management = Success

I have worked tirelessly to benefit our community assets and see projects through for:

Oswego Public Library- Renovated and Expanded Building project completed
Oswego Salvation Army- Relocated and building refurbishment project underway
H. Lee White Marine Museum- continuing success when other not-for-profits are struggling.

I have the experience to Lead on the County Legislature! I have the Courage to Lead without Compromise! I know from experience how to be a public servant!

Sought Outside Funding through Grants and Other Sources

I worked to secure grants for the Oswego Public Library totaling approximately $750,000, improving our economic development potential; for the H. Lee White Marine Museum, a preservation grant was secured to restore the Historic Landmark WWII Tug LT-5, which has helped to boost tourism resulting in an increase in sales tax revenue.

Finally, I know budgeting and how to improve services under strict budget constraints through effective management.

Organizer & Team Builder

I am able to work with all kinds of people to build consensus and have done so by working with a variety of organizations such as: Leave a Legacy for Oswego County, the Oswego Maritime Alliance, Oswego Maritime Foundation and numerous city, county and community committees.

I need YOU to think beyond partisan politics and to consider electing a candidate who will challenge the legislature to work towards greater goals; goals that will actually address your concerns that our assets (our waterfront, energy, people and educational institutions) are not being utilized to their full potential, the erosion of our Quality of Life and our Neighborhoods.

I pledge to work for:
Employment: I will look diligently look for and support employment opportunities for Oswego County.
Growth: by utilizing our natural, historical and human resources.
Economic Development: by creating partnerships with all government levels, businesses, not-for-profits and the private sector.
Education: through county assistance to help all our schools to achieve excellence.
Fiscal Responsibility: to utilize our taxes efficiently, effectively and keep our property taxes low.

It is time for critical thinkers to lead our community. You need a representative who is not beholden to any special interest, who avoids petty politics, and who has proven experience in serving the local community with leadership, integrity and passion.

This is a grassroots campaign and I need your vote to make a difference, no matter what your party affiliation. It is “Time for Real Change.”

Cast your vote for me Lower Right side of the ballot.

Mercedes Niess
Independent candidate for 15th Legislative District
[email protected] or (315) 481.6954 c., 342.1643 h.