North Volney Cemetery Fence Restored

CiTi was contacted in the spring of 2014 seeking help in the restoration of the vintage wrought iron fence that has stood across the front of the North Volney Cemetery on Hall Road for roughly one hundred years.

Restored section of cemetery fence.
Restored section of cemetery fence.

The fence was in sad disrepair due to age, weather and a tree.

Barbie Jo Grey, teaching assistant, acted as liaison and the fence was taken to Mexico in October 2014.

Under the guidance of Ralph Gravelle, welding instructor, the morning and afternoon welding classes with 30 students in each class, restoration was begun.

The students spent hundreds of hours welding and straightening rods, attaching knobs, fixing curls, twisting and reshaping rods, attaching hinges, restoring the gates, and making poles for the fence.

The welding students did a tremendous job and we are extremely grateful for their expertise and help.

In April//May members of the cemetery association went to CiTi to pick up 14 sections, gates and poles of the fence. Thanks to CiTi and the students preservation of our fine fence will soon stand straight and proud for another hundred years.

100-year-old fence in disrepair.
100-year-old fence in disrepair.

But we need your help.

CiTi and the students furnished the labor, but we are responsible for materials.

The fence also needs to be sandblasted and painted.

If you will look at the pictures notice the intricate pieces.

This will be a time-consuming and expensive job.

Please assist the North Volney Cemetery Association is this endeavor. Please send donations to John Parrish, 2516 County Route 6, Fulton, NY 13069.