Open Letter to Mr. Hoffman

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I was stunned yesterday morning when I read in the online version of the Syracuse Post Standard that you had leveled charges of vote tampering in the recent election, and in particular singled out Oswego County. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I went to your website and read your letter to your supporters. Sure enough, there it was, and I quote:

“I’m sure you are as dismayed as I am to learn of the mischief that took place in Oswego and neighboring counties. We know this would not be the first time for the ACORN faithful to tamper with democracy.”

Also: “ACORN, the unions and (the) Democratic Party were scared, and that’s why they tampered with the ballots of voters in NY-23.”

Mr. Hoffman, I have been an Election Inspector for almost 10 years. Most of that time I have served as a “sub”. If you know anything at all about this position you know that both parties send people like me (subs) whereever they need us. I have worked all over Oswego County. I am acquainted with, and in some instances personally know many of these people, both Democrat and Republican. They are honest decent people, Mr. Hoffman; and not the sort of people who would condone or engage in the illegal activity that you have intimated.

Vote tampering, sir, would require the cooperation of Election Inspectors, one or both of our Election Commissioners, as well as Oswego County Board of Elections staff. Over the past 10 years I have also become personally acquainted with these people, Mr. Hoffman; and not in their worst nightmare would they consider actions such as those contained in the charges you have leveled against them.

This is a Republican county, sir. Though I am a lifelong Democrat most of my friends, relatives and the people I am closest to are Republicans. Even they, the people who voted for you do not believe your charges of illegal activity by our election workers and board staff. The Oswego County Republican Chairman is on record in print stating that there was no vote tampering (as well as the Jefferson County Republican Election Inspector).

I respectfully request an apology to me and to all of our Oswego County Election Inspectors, the Oswego County Election Commissioners, and Oswego County Board of Election staff, both Democrat and Republican for making these outrageous charges against us.

Linda Williamson
Hastings, NY


  1. The Republican party, although it has been an honorable party throughout it’s history has, of late, reverted to dirty tactics to degrade anyone that would oppose their candidates or the process by which the opposition was duly elected by the people. I, for one, am sick of excuses, blame pointing and dirty politics. It’s well past time to start campaigning on your record, not that of your opponent. The first dirty ad from this last campaign that I saw was that of Dede Scozafava. Sorry for misspelling. I was turned off by it and wouldn’t have voted for her based on that first impression. I really don’t think I’m the only one that’s sick of the back stabbing form of campaigning. Mr. Hoffman’s claims are just another form of pointing blame for their losses.

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