Operation Oswego County in Expansion Solutions ‘Top Five’ for Food Processing

OSWEGO – As announced in the November/December 2016 issue of Expansion Solutions Magazine, Operation Oswego County, Oswego County’s designated economic development organization, has been selected by the editors as one of the 2016 “Top Five” Food Processing Award Winners.

Top Five Awards of Excellence“The Top Five Awards of Excellence” recognizes economic development organizations that have shown exceptional progress in the area of development.

The locations were chosen because of the support system offered to businesses as well as recent activity and growth potential in each area.

Strategic locations, pro-business climates, investments made in improving infrastructure and the availability of buildings and sites were among the top deciding factors in choosing these locations,” according to the publication.

Recent growth in the food processing sector in Oswego County has come from investments made by such companies as Champlain Valley Specialty, K&N’s Foods USA and Teti Bakery USA.

For more information about economic development services in Oswego County, call OOC at 343-1545 or visit www.oswegocounty.org