Opinion: Ritchie: Senate Adopts My Jobs Plan

By State Senator Patty Ritchie

State Sen. Patty Ritchie (R-Heuvelton).
State Sen. Patty Ritchie (R-Heuvelton).

The latest jobless figures for Northern and Central New York have been released—and the news is not good. Upstate New York continues to feel the effects of a crushing national recession that has cost the jobs of thousands of our neighbors.

These sobering figures make it more clear than ever before that we need to act to reverse the trend of job losses, and get New York back in the business of creating jobs.

The State Senate is wasting no time. As one of the first actions of the New Year, the Senate passed a plan that can put people back to work, and get New York back on track.

A centerpiece of the Senate plan was my proposal to provide a $5,000 tax credit for every new job that businesses create in Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. Passage of that plan was a promise I made to the people of the 48th Senate District as I visited their communities, and listened to their concerns, throughout last Summer and Fall.

The Senate’s plan also makes good on another promise I made: reining in runaway state spending and stopping Albany’s tax hike binge.

If we want business to locate and grow in our region, then we need to change the way that Albany does business.

The Senate’s “Jobs Creation and Taxpayer Protection Plan” includes a moratoria on new taxes, fees and burdensome red tape.

It also accelerates the planned rollback of certain 2009 tax hikes on small businesses, and a new provision that will make it harder for Albany to raise our taxes by requiring that 2/3 of all legislators vote in favor of any proposed tax increases.

You and I realize that small business is the backbone of our state’s economy and especially in our three counties. I believe that helping small businesses to create new jobs is the best way to end the current recession that has paralyzed upstate New York for too long.

Of course, there is much more to do. I will keep you posted on our progress.


My District Office is up and running, and ready to help you. If you need assistance, please call my Watertown office at (315) 782-3418.


  1. We need more support for our farmers in CNY and the area. I don’t like that our industry in CNY and Western NY has gone overseas. Why is money the only thing that counts in our society? Why are our “leaders” having chauffers, freebies, huge estates and high salaries and the rest of us have to “do” on what employers pay us. Why do our “leaders” get health benefits for life and other benefits that the rest of us don’t get? Why is there no equalization of benefits for our elected officials with ours?
    Why did our “leaders” give themselves raises and then cut our Social Security benefits which we workers paid into? What are these people we elected able to take what they want at our expense?
    I don’t want anymore babies murdered by legal abortion. What if that baby was you or another “esteemed” member of our government?

    Mary Ann

  2. Mike Hayden, you obviously were not paying attention. She passed a one house bill that will go no where because if you’re an employer, would you agree to add new employees at $30,000 per year, just because the government gave you a $5,000 tax refund? That’s what her bill does. In other words, gosh, the government is offering me $5,000 if I agree to pay $30,000. What a bargain!

    If it was passed by the Assembly and the Governor signed it, then it would still be just smoke and mirrors designed to give our tax dollars to companies already thriving in the current economy. Now that’s $5,000 we’ll have to make up somewhere else. Perhaps in cuts to ag programs or something else important.

    We need to restore the state’s education and health care systems to make them more efficient, reduce spending in these biggest areas of our state budget as the previous Senate worked to do with mandate relief that the Assembly refused to pick up and a $4.5 billion cut to education with a push for CFE or Statewide funding allocations. How does Patty feel about the aid that goes to Long Island and not our poorer upstate schools?

    Wake Up

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