“Show me the money!”

Famous words from a Hollywood movie.

I asked a similar question of Mr. Dominic Lisi at the FCSBOE meeting. I asked to see if the costs of moving District office back to 4th Street from the Junior High School (where they were moved to not that long ago)is part of the reason there is a projected 2.99% increase in the School tax levy.

The main reason I attended the Board meeting was to express my displeasure of the school district letting all of its “Student Helpers” go at the end of March.

I said that the whole state has a problem getting applicants for job openings in most all industry.

Not at the Fulton City School District they are going to lay students off that want to work.

Why you ask?

They ran out of money!

I stated someone isn’t watch the budget very well.

I pointed out that at the county we will do Budget Modifications routinely whenever we have a budget line item getting close to not having enough funds to keep the budget item solvent.

This was not done at the School District.

I pointed out the fact that these workers were hired to perform duties and they were doing just that. If you had hired more than previous years, they  must have been needed.

I said money should have been moved from a budget line item that was being under spent, if not ,move money from the Fund Balance.

Maybe if the district hadn’t spent nearly $40k to have all District vehicles obtain their gas from a company 15 min. from the city.  You would have had money to keep the students employed.

Maybe if you hadn’t moved the Central School Registration back to 4th Street from the JHS. You would have had money to keep the students employed.

I told them that by releasing these student workers they more than likely will have to make up the loss of workers by adding Over-time to the costs of doing the same work.

Penny wise and dollar foolish should be the battle cry of the district.

Frank Castiglia

Oswego County Legislator 25th District

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  1. this behavior is really at the core of most decision making in the city of fulton.the thing that will always hold fulton back from any advancement is brains, which r hard to find in any leadership or citizen there. but ask them, there the smartest there is lol

  2. Where exactly do the school vehicles fuel up at? It’s really 15 minutes outside the city?

  3. Jason, Golden Sun bus garage in Minetto, Time out Time back and Time to fill, 1/2 hour wasted

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