This is how we used to vote

Dear Editor,
Some folks look at Donald Trump and see an orange Jesus. Others look at him and see an orange jump suit.
It used to be that Americans cared about the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, truth-telling and false witness. They did an evaluation of character to decide whether to vote for a candidate.
Today people don’t think character contributes much to qualifying someone for office. What is important is the candidate’s power to bring the cost of groceries down.
Republicans have always been about protecting corporations and the wealthy, but isn’t this taking economics just a little too far?


Kimball Shinkoskey

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  1. Democrats use to be for the working class, and family values, they have moved so far away from the average citizen, and gone bonkers. Pushing and pushing the lifestyle of a minority group in our face and forseing it to be a norm. When my grandchild claims her 9 yr old friend is gay when these children don’t even know what a sexual relationship is tells it all. It’s time to put morals and family values back into play. I don’t claim any party, but I sure as hell won’t support the Dems ideas anymore. They don’t represent my values!

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