Oswego Considering Mass Notification System

oswego road sign

OSWEGO – At Monday night’s meeting of the Administrative Services Committee, Mayor Billy Barlow requested permission to enter into an agreement with Alert Media, Inc.

The company would provide mass notification to city residents in the event of an emergency and other situations, the mayor explained.

They’d provide residents with critical messages regarding things like road closures, water main breaks and fires, Barlow said.

“The bill is based on how many people subscribe to the service,” the mayor explained.

With the number of expected users to start (3,500), the mayor said the city’s cost would be $4,902 annually.

That includes a limit of 60,000 texts and 60,000 voice minutes per year.

If the number of users increases, the billing would be adjusted.

If a residence had more than one phone number, it would still be considered one user, he added.

Councilor Linda DeMassi asked whether cell phone would be covered in the plan.

“A lot of homes don’t have phones. You’d be surprised. They rely on their cell phones,” she said.

The mayor assured her those numbers would be included.

If the request is approved, the City Chamberlain would be authorized to tranfer the funds into the proper account

The committee sent the request to the full council for consideration.