Oswego Council Approves New Local Law

OSWEGO, NY – At Monday night’s meeting, the Common Council approved Local Law No. 2 of the Year 2015 – a local law regarding the denial or revocation of permits.

The new law, in part, states that no such permit (for use of city services/space) shall be granted to or renewed for an applicant who is violation of any city of Oswego code, ordinance or local law; or who owes property taxes, water or sewer fees, special assessments, fines for violation of city ordinances or any other fees to the city of Oswego.

“We’re getting requests all the time to use public space. But if you go back and do some research, you’ll find some property taxes haven’t been paid in two years. Water bills haven’t been paid for a year and a half. And yet they are expecting us to go out there and go ahead and supplement them. So, I disagree with that. I feel that we should stop this practice,” First Ward Council Fran Enwright said last fall in proposing the local law.

Everybody that comes in with a request to use public space or any city services should show proof that their taxes are current, he said.

The local law shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State.

The council approved use of the Crisafulli Rink by the Port City Roller Derby organization for its home bouts for the 2015 season.

The home bouts are scheduled for May 9, June 13, August 15 and September 5.

The Port City Roller Derby will pay a rental fee of $70 per hour and obtain all necessary permits and licenses. The city will terminate the program if any problems should arise at any time.

Mary Vanouse, community development director, requested authorization to schedule a public hearing for Housing and Community Development Grant Programs, FY 2014 and FY 2015 New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYSHCR) HOME and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications.

The NYS Homes and Community Renewal Program has issued a notice of funding availability for housing programs and the issuing of requests for proposals (RFPs) for Community Development Block Grant applications, she said.

In order to apply, the city has to hold a public hearing regarding its intent to seek funding through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the NYS Homes and Community Renewal Program.

The council set the public hearing for Feb. 23 at 7:10 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

The mayor was authorized to:

Sign change order No. 1 with Patricia Electric for project modifications to the West Side EFMF and Pump Station Upgrade Project. The Engineer’s Office requested approval for the change order in the amount of $0 for the additional cost for antenna and radio repairs for effective communication with the West Side WWTP.

Sign change order No. 2 with Patricia Electric for project modifications to the West Side EFMF and Pump Station Upgrade Project. The Engineer’s Office requested approval of the change order in the amount of $0 for the additional cost for modifications to the grit system, electrical wiring required by the manufacturer – including additional conduit and wire to be run from the control panels to the grit systems in the process room.

Sign change order No. 2 with Oswego Mechanical for project modifications to the West Side EFMF and Pump Station Upgrade Project. The Engineer’s Office requested approval of the change order in the amount of $0 for cleaning the drain line from the grit classifiers to the effluent pump wet well which was clogged.

Enter into a three-year renewal agreement with ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation (TKE) for elevator maintenance. TKE is a state contract holder for elevator maintenance and repair. The agreement is for an additional three years.
The annual payments to TKE under the expired agreement amounted to $13,827.12 for the elevator at City Hall, two elevators at the Conway Building, and the elevator at the West Side Waste Water Treatment Plant. The total annual fees proposed by TKE for 2015 amount to $11,912.64 and escalate at three percent for 2016 and 2017.

Brian Folgherait, water department plant manager was authorized to submit system design drawings to the Department of Health for a new fluoride addition system.

He had a request to replace the system on the Sept. 2, 2014, committee agenda. Councilors requested to receive written confirmation from the state to honor the price of the project before the city gives authorization to accept the grant representing more than $70,000 worth of equipment.

Folgherait received a letter from the NYS Department of Health stating the intention to pay for the equipment once signed plans are submitted to the Oswego County Department of Health. The 2015 Water Department budget included funds for the submittal of those drawings.

Folgherait was authorized to move ahead on generating the documents for the submittal at a price not to exceed $12,000.

The council also approved the purchase of a skid steer loader for use by the Department of Public Works.

Mike Smith, DPW commissioner, had requested permission to make the purchase from Milton Cat of Syracuse, with a cold planer milling attachment for prep work for paving by DPW street maintenance personnel.

Funds are available in the 2015 Operating Budget and this purchase is reimbursable from the NYS CHIPS appropriation.

A transfer of $16,800 from Enterprise Contingent Account to Wastewater Contracted Services Account was OK’d.

The emergency back up generator at the Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant failed.

The funds will pay for rental of the generator from January through April.

Two requests for travel by the fire chief were approved: Attendance at the New York State Building Officials
Conference from March 31 – April 3 in Liverpool and attendance at the Fire Recruit Training Program from March 30 – July 1 in Utica.

The council waived the rules of the Common Council to present a resolution from the floor without committee consideration.

They authorized the purchasing agent to lock in a fixed price contract for natural gas supply.

He was authorized to lock in a fixed price contract for a one- or two-year period starting Jan. 1, 2016, provided that the price for natural gas supply is less than $4/Dth. The current contract price ($4.653/Dth) will expire on Dec. 31, 2015.