Oswego County Battle of the Books Competition

Oswego County held the County-wide Battle of the Books competition at Hannibal High School recently.

Battle of the Books is a nationally recognized literacy program coordinated in Oswego County through the Oswego County BOCES School Library System. Teams began the competition at the building and district level events competing for the right to represent their schools at the county level competition.

<p>Altmar-Parish-Williamstown High School finished in the top slot of the level four division at the recent Oswego County Battle of the Books. The team was victorious in the marathon battle which went to several tie-breaker questions following the end of the regular competition. Pictured, left to right are: Coach Justin Halsey, Maggie Allardice, Kensey Kerr, Emily Earl, and Coach Greg Bayne. Students in grades three – twelve competed in four separate age divisions for the title of County-wide Battle of the Books Champion.</p>

Teams of two to three members in four age divisions squared off in the literary battle to answer 16 questions about books from pre-determined grade-level reading lists.

Eight teams from area schools including Altmar-Parish-Williamstown, Central Square, Hannibal, Mexico, Oswego, Phoenix, Sandy Creek and Trinity Catholic Schools competed in the first event of the evening. Level one, grades three and four, saw the eight teams go head-to-head, with the team from Central Square finishing in the top spot and the teams from APW and Trinity sharing second place. Level two, grades five and six featured schools from the same eight districts vying for the top finish.

The team from Phoenix finished in first place with Oswego and APW taking second and third, respectively.

Level three, grades six, seven and eight saw a change in the eight teams competing with APW, Central Square, Fulton, Hannibal, Mexico, Oswego, Phoenix and Sandy Creek squaring off with Oswego in the lead position, followed by Central Square in second, and Fulton Junior High School and Sandy Creek tied for third.

Level four saw six high school teams from APW, Central Square’s Paul V. Moore, Fulton’s G. Ray Bodley, Mexico, Phoenix’s John C. Birdlebough and Sandy Creek High Schools running neck-and-neck throughout the competition. At the end of sixteen questions, two teams were tied for the first place slot: APW and Central Square.

It took several tie-breaker questions before the APW team emerged victorious. Second place went to Central Square and Mexico and Sandy Creek tied for third.

The Battle of the Books Program encourages students to read, enhances reading comprehension and promotes teamwork as well as academic excellence.