Oswego County Continues to Recycle Used Electronics

OSWEGO, NY – A new state law which prohibits consumers from placing unwanted computers, televisions and other electronic equipment in the trash will take effect Jan. 1.

In Oswego County, residents can continue to bring unwanted electronic waste items to the Oswego County Solid Waste transfer stations and recycling drop-off centers.

The new state law prohibits consumers from placing items in the trash or at the curbside for trash pickup. Manufacturers are required to recycle certain types of electronic waste for consumers.

“It is against the law, effective Jan. 1, for anyone to put electronics in the trash or for haulers to pick them up from their customers and dispose of them in the landfill or Energy Recovery Facility,” said Frank Visser, Oswego County Solid Waste Director. “Oswego County has been able to contract, for now, with a recycler who will take the materials for free. This is not the case in many communities. The county has no obligation to take these items. If we have to incur steep recycling costs, we may eventually have to stop accepting electronics.”

Visser and other county officials are concerned that vendors may decide not to accept used electronics in the future because the market has become saturated with recycled electronics products.

Consumers do not have the opportunity to easily recycle electronics for free in many other areas of the state.

Oswego County recycling drop-off centers and solid waste transfer stations are located at Bristol Hill, 3125 NYS Route 3, Volney; 1167 County Route 7, Hannibal; 1391 U.S. Route 11, Hastings; 700 E. Seneca St., Oswego; and 100 County Route 2A, Pulaski.

Effective Jan. 1, the transfer stations are open as follows:

· Bristol Hill: Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Closed Tuesday and Friday.

· Hannibal: Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Closed Monday and Thursday.

· Hastings: Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Closed Monday and Wednesday.

· Oswego: Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Closed Wednesday and Friday.

· Pulaski: Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Closed Tuesday and Thursday.

For more information, call the Department of Solid Waste at 591-9200, or visit http://www.oswegocounty.com/dsw/index.html

To learn more about which types of electronic equipment can be recycled through manufacturers in New York State, visit http://bit.ly/NYewaste