Oswego County Unemployment Jumps Above 10% Again

Double-digit unemployment levels have returned to Oswego County.

Data from the New York State Department of Labor shows that 10.2% of county residents who were in the workforce were without a job and looking for one in May.  April’s jobless rate was 9.8%.

Only five of New York’s 62 counties had a jobless rate higher than Oswego County’s.  The county’s rate is the highest in Central New York.

The number of people reported as working remained stable at 51,600, while the number of people listed as unemployed rose by 200 to 5,800.

The unemployment rate measures only those who are working and those who are seeking work.  People who stop looking for work are not listed as unemployed.

Map provided by the New York State Labor Department.
Map provided by the New York State Labor Department.

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  1. oswego county leadership has to do something for its constituants ….poor leadership and planning is hurting the county..we need real leadership to bring back jobs

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