Oswego dean elected president of NPSMA

OSWEGO – David W. King, dean of graduate studies and research at SUNY Oswego, was recently elected president of the National Professional Science Masters Association for 2013.

The 5-year-old professional association provides national advocacy and support for development of new professional science master’s degree programs as well as faculty professional development opportunities. It represents more than 125 universities across the country with nearly 300 PSM degree programs.

David W. King
David W. King

The PSM degree is an innovative graduate degree designed to prepare students for science careers in business, government or non-profit organizations.

It combines study in science or mathematics with coursework in business, management, policy, law or other fields. PSM programs are unusually nimble in adjusting to shifting workforce demands and changing research strategies and technologies.

Most have established advisory committees of local employers to ensure their curriculum is responsive to regional workforce needs.

SUNY Oswego has two professional science master’s degrees, one in human-computer interaction and one in chemistry, with more in development.

King was appointed SUNY system PSM program director in 2007 and is director of the SUNY PSM Consortium, consisting of 18 of the senior campuses in the SUNY system, including the four major research universities.

These campuses have established strong working collaborations with many regional businesses and economic development agencies to facilitate creating PSM degrees across the SUNY system.

SUNY has received two Sloan Foundation grants that have supported the creation of about 20 PSM degree programs with another 15 to 20 in development.

King has been extensively involved in promoting collaboration among SUNY campuses and in building partnerships between higher education institutions and regional business and industry leadership.

During the past five years, he has made presentations addressing PSM-related topics at conferences and workshops sponsored by NPSMA, the Council of Graduate Schools, the National Conference of State Legislatures and other organizations.

He has also provided consulting services for the development of PSM programs for the public university systems in Oregon, Florida and Massachusetts; the Mid-Atlantic Association of Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and most recently for the City University of New York system.

He serves on the external PSM advisory boards for CUNY and for the HBC&U PSM consortia.

Nationally, he has served on the PSM advisory board for the Council of Graduate Schools.