Oswego Fire Department Offers Safety Tips

OSWEGO, NY – With the large accumulation of snow already and more expected, the Oswego City Fire Department wants to alert residents of a few important safety reminders.

Many modern heating appliances have ‘direct vent” type exhausts and do not use the traditional chimney, rather the vent goes out through a side wall.

With the heavy snow, these venting systems can become covered and cannot work properly causing a back up of carbon monoxide, known as the silent killer.

Check and see if indeed you have this type of ventilation, they are free of snow and can properly vent.

Also be sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are properly working.

If at all possible see that your neighborhood fire hydrant is clear of snow and ice.

Seconds count.

There are more than 900 hydrants in the city of Oswego and we are making every effort to clear them and any assistance is appreciated.

With the heavy accumulation of snow, roads have narrowed.

Even legally parked vehicles parked directly across from each other in many areas prevent emergency vehicles as well as snowplows from being able to get through.

Please keep this in mind when parking on the street.

In the event of a thaw, large amounts of snow and ice may fall from roofs and could cause serious injury if people are nearby.

Please be cautious of this.

And as always please keep you elderly neighbors and relatives in mind.

Any questions call The Oswego Fire Department at 343-2161.